Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Presents - Clothes

I figured it was easier to split my presents up into groups and it also means I can span these posts out over a week or so because recently I haven't had much inspiration for blogging

Jack Wills Leggings

so perfect to just sit around the house in which is pretty much all I have done this Christmas :)

Cheap Monday Skull T-Shirt

This is sooo soft and now I really want the black one too :)

Just the tags :)

Nike Sweatpants

I think I am going to take these back because I just wanted them to drive in and sit around the house in but although they fit and they are my size I just think they look far too big on the legs and they are a little too long


Because everyone loves slippers at Christmas :)


  1. Cute I love those slippers and the star leggings!!

  2. Usually hate Jack Wills stuff (Sorry!) But those leggings look great with that top.

  3. Ahhh I find Jack Wills so overpriced but I looove their stuff, these leggings are lush.


  4. @Laura Jaye - I think it is a little overpriced too but I just see it as a luxury brand that I buy from every now and again. I have a jumper that I got in the summer and I ordered some sweatpants today to replace these nike ones :) cannot wait for them to arrive!