Saturday, 31 October 2009

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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Make-up De-Clutter

I tidied my room this afternoon with my dad because my room and the bathroom are being switched over. Due to the move i decided that i didn't like my boring black make-up draws and that most of the make-up in them was unworn :(

so i managed to condense this:

To this:

i don't think i am going to bother with a blog sale because my last few have been quite unsuccessful so i'll either just throw it out or give it to my sister. A lot of it was just cheap drugstore items that i bought when i first got into make-up and have since discovered better brands/items. I am not in any way saying that all the stuff i have kept in high end ... the picture show's it isnt. In fact i bought a boots 17 eye shadow today:

its really pretty and it called Statuesque. I dont think it will be my last 17 eyeshadow :)

Now that i have had chance to try out different brands i think i can buy make-up that i know i am going to get use out of rather than seeing something in the sale or a pretty colour and never wearing it.

I actually ordered some more mac things earlier that i will do a haul of when they get here :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

No. 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 105 Damson Dream

I've never really bothered much with No 7 products because i've tried some of my friends before and i didnt think they were worth the money but my mum got me this nail polish for my birthday and i actually really like it :)

Without Flash
With Flash
Its really good for fall because it such a nice deep shade :)

I don't think this will be my last no. 7 nail polish but it hasn't changed my opinion on their other make-up products.

River Island = Epic Fail

The other day i ordered a swim suit from River Island for my holiday to Morocco. On the website it looked like a really pretty coral colour with well structured ruffles on the one strap

What arrived in the post however was a neon pink mess :( They really are nothing alike and it's a shame because the one on the website looks sooo pretty!

My friend also bought me a coat from river island for my birthday that we have to send back because it is miles too big even thought i got it in a size smaller than usual and the zip has broken :(

what is going on River Island ?!?!

Calvin Klein Splendid Color Nail Enamel

I went into town yesterday and found this little beauty in The Factory Shop:

It is a Calvin Klein Splendid Color - Unstoppable Color Nail Enamel and i got it for the bargain price of £3.00 instead of the RRP £8.00

It is in the shade 206 Hint of Pink and is perfect for school because wearen't allowed to wear nail polish but this is so light and nude that it isn't very noticeable.

It kind of looks milky. To be honest if i bought this retail priced i would be really disappointed but for £3.00 i'm not too fussed :) It takes a few layers to build up a solid colour.

They have some other shades in The Factory Shop at the minute so i might pick up a few more some time this week.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Johnson's: Rant & Rave

In general i love Johnson's. I think their baby lotion is amazing for dry winter skin. I think their baby shampoo is amazing for all hair conditions and my mum will only use Johnson's cotton buds because she thinks they are the best.

Over the past few weeks i have found another product that has done the brand proud, and sadly one that is a very big disappointment.

We will start with the bad. Johnson's Silky Skin Shower and Shave Cream. The idea is really good. A shower gel and shaving gel in one :) but i just think that it is sooo gloopy and horrible to use. I don't really like the smell either. This had the potential to be a perfect 2 in 1 money saver but it just doesn't work for me :(

And now the bath product i can't live without ... Johnson's Dreamy Skin BodyWash. This is sooo soft that when i use it i just want to fall to sleep. It is suppose to be used before bed as a way on making you relaxed and sleepy and it totally works :) It comes in a really big bottle and i think i used about half of it in like 4 days :) it is just sooo nice! It's really good for exam stress to. Last year my teacher recommended it to me because it calms you down at night so you can get a good sleep.
The great thing about both of these product's is that they aren't too expensive so if you love them, you can stock up and if you hate them, you haven't lost too much money!

Other Presents

I think this will be the last on my birthday posts :( haha but it is basically everything else i got other than mac make-up and the clothes i bought when i was shopping.

The first book is Any Objections? by Mario Testino - My friend sophie got me this
The second book is BeautyFull by Rankin - My mum got me this

Then i got a book on needlework to help with textiles, James Brown Dry Shampoo to see how it compares to Batiste, Benefit You Rebel Light from my friend georgia, a boots No. 7 nail polish and lots of Riesen chocolates because they are my fav!

I also ordered these shoes when i got home because i love them but they always sell out super quick!!

My Birthday Party :)

The night before my birthday my friend held a little cocktail thing at her house for me and it was super fun! The rule was its was girls only but my friend Phil came along because he is just sooo funny and i think most of use there see him as a good friend/brother type! These are just a few pictures for anyone that is interested.

Birthday Clothes Haul

When we were in meadowhall i told my mum the only places i really wanted to go to were Zara & H&M because they dont have those shops in places like Grimsby & Lincoln which is where i usually shop. They dont have online stores either :( But then we also did Topshop & Warehouse. There were some other sops we went to but i didn't get anything. I am going to include prices for everything, not as a way of showing of but so if you like something you will know where i got it and how much it was!

This top was from Warehouse and was £28.00
it buttons up at the back - it is soooo cute :)
Just a plain black vest from Topshop - £6.00
Nude/Peach body-con skirt from Topshop - £22.00
I already have this is pale grey and love it!
Blouse from H&M for £14.99 - I'm not too sure about this now :S i'll probably get some wear out of it on holiday because its nice & light
The pattern close up
Some Loose trousers my mum got me from Miss Selfridge for £10 in the sale
i wanted them for the flight because they feel like PJ's, they are sooo comfy!
super coool pockets
Blazer from H&M for£24.99
Cream top with pleated front from Zara - £25.90

And finally some new jeans! i never buy jeans because i think they are boring things to buy i got these in zara for £29.99. They are a little bit too long but i just roll them up :)

My mumalso got my this bag because it was on my birthday list. £10 in the sale at Miss Selfridge. I think when i put my left over money in the bank i'll order this is cream too because i love it :)

That's all i bought :) but there were a few things i saw that i think i will now get online because after shopping i went to see some more of my family and they gave me money :)

Mac Birthday Haul

Some of you may know that yesterday was my 17th birthday :) and that i went to Meadowhall to do some birthday shopping because it has the closest mac to me. I knew i wasn't going to go crazy in there because all i wanted to do was get skin matched so i knew what shade i was. I ended up coming out with some Studio Fix Fluid in NW15, some Fix + for my holiday and a replacement MSF natural in light medium because i lost my last one and it is really goood :) i also piked up a pump for my foundation.

The other things i got were Amber Lights eyeshadow and Painterly Paint pot from my nan :) I'm sure i'll get round to doing reviews on these products if people want them :)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

New Followers

I recently got some new followers and just want to say a big hello and thank you :)

If you are interested i have a:

Twitter: AbbieandBrian

which you are all very welcome to follow :)

I am on Twitter alot so if you have a question or just want to talk that's probably the easiest way

Nars Jungle Red Nail Polish :)

A delivery from the fabulous Cosmetic Candy came today of a Nars nail polish i got off her blog sale :) I've never bought anything from nars before because i think the shipping is expensive online and i dont have a counter anywhere near me. This is what the nail polish looks like:

I love it :) It's sooo nice and will not be my last Nars Nail Polish i am sure :) Rowena was also kind enough to throw in a few extra's in my parcel :)

There is a Cosmetic Candy badge (that will now live on my school bag), a cute little card, some Parma Violets and a mini face serum by Organic Elements :)

Thank You Rowena :)