Monday, 31 May 2010

Another Car Boot Sale Haul

I decided to go to another Car Boot sale today in a little village about 20 minutes away from were i live. This is what I picked up:

  • Set of 5 Sewing Accessories A lady was selling a selection of sewing accessories at 5 for £1 so i bought a tape measure, some easy thread needles, an assortment of sewing needles, a small stitch ripper and some glass head pins :)
  • Sapphire by Katie Price Because i didn't think my sister had it but it turns out she did. It was only 50p and it's hardback so it's not a huge loss of money
  • Tom Hanks VHS Trio Even though the only Video played left in the house is in my parents house i got this Tom Hanks Box Set because all of the films are on my LoveFilm list. This only cost £1 and my subscription is 3 movie's for £5.99 so i just saved myself £4.99 :)
  • The OC Season 1,2 & 3 DVD Box Set I was sooo happy when i found this because i already have the season 4 box set and have been wanting to get the first 3 for ages. It was only £1, but it turns out it is they are region 1 DVD's :(
  • Sleepless in Seattle VHS This was also on my LoveFilm list and it was only 50p so i thought i would just buy it instead
  • Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding I love the film and I've heard the book is better so i got it for 50p
  • Estee Lauder Deluxe All-Over Face Compact I couldn't believe when i opened this and it was completely un-used, then i asked how much it was and she said £1.50 :) I'm not sure how much use i will get out of it, but i thought it was great for the price!
  • Bourjois Illuminating Touch Powder in 96 Rose Universal This was 50p and un-used so i figured why not :D
This is a close-up of the Estee Lauder Palette

(From L to R) Rose Wood Blush, Nude Rose Blush & Soft Matte Bronzer

This is a close-up of the Bourjois illuminator

It's very shimmery and pretty :)

The place where i got all of this is having another boot sale on June 13th so I'm thinking of going and setting up my own stall, just to get rid of some old books and beauty products I've not used. Wish me luck! :)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

What I Bought At The Car Boots :)

I love a good car boot on a sunday morning, so i went to two this week, and hopefully another one tomorrow because it's bank holiday :) Today I picked up:

  • A Cream Lamp Just to put next to my bed. I think I'm gonna get a new lamp shade for it though because the one it came with is a little dirty, but for £3 you can't complain :)
  • A Wooded Organiser This i thought would be nice to put some make-up in to keep it all separate. It was only 50p so i i don't end up using it, it wont be a huge disaster
  • A London A to Z Map Book So that next time i go i will know how to get to places :) This was only 50p too :)
  • Black Dorothy Perkins Shoes These are un-worn and were only £1. I thought they might be nice for school as they are a little more summery than my current ones
  • A Fathers Day Card My nan told me fathers day is coming up soon and the cards were only 25p so i thought i would be prepared and pick one up!
  • Avon Nail wear Pro Nail Polish in Perfectly Flesh These nail polishes are usually £6 which i hate paying, so when i saw this cute colour for £1 i had to get it :)
In the picture there are also three L'oreal eye shadows, which i didn't pick up from the car boot sales, but which were bough on the same day from The Factory Shop for £1.50 each. These are the colours I got:

(From L to R) 507 Luminous Plum, 502 Midnight Blue & 508 Amethyst Black

They had a few more colours that looked really nice so i might go back soon and pick them up. I think i will get most use out of these colours if i wear them as eye liners :)

What bargains have you bought recently?

Friday, 28 May 2010

Barry M - Berry Ice Cream

This seems to be the Nail Polish of the moment, so i figured i would to a NOTD with it :)

Barry M polishes seem to be best when they are brand new, as i find they get a little gloopy after a while, so applying this was really nice. I'm wearing 2 coats and i think it gives nice coverage. I also LOVE the colour :) you know i'm a sucker for pastels at the minute.

A Little Haul :)

I decided to pick up a few more of the W7 eyeshadows because i love the Burnt Plum one so much! Whilst I was there, i got a gloss too :)

(from L to R) Bronzed, Golden Eye


Golden Eye

There is a little story to this gloss. I bough the exact same shade about a year ago and fell in love with it. Iused it all up, and then found out it had been discontinued :( So when i found it in a little discount make-up store in my town i obviously had to get it. They had two more tubes of it left, so i think i might go and pick those up this weekend before anyone else can, and then maybe try a few other shades if any of them take my fancy.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Getting Started With Make-Up

I remember the very first make-up video i ever watched on YouTube. It was of course by the amazing Lauren Luke. Since watching that video, i have become addicted to make-up. Before the video, you would probably see me wearing a smudge of mascara and a little mousse foundation.

I've decided to do this post to show you all the kind of products i bought when i first started getting into make-up and what i have learnt along the way.

When i first started, everything was pretty much either from Superdrug, Avon or Boots. The higher end make-up began last summer once i knew exactly what kind of products worked best for me.

The Eye Shadow

For eye shadow, i remember seeing lots of video's of this 120 pan palette from eBay, and i figured it would be the perfect place to start. I really did learn a lot from this palette. As soon as i saw it was drawn to all the lovely bright blues and greens, so i tried out some different looks over the next couple of month, using different brushes and different techniques, until i finally decided the colours that suited me and my skin tone best were the more natural/neutral colours. If you are just beginning in make-up and aren't really sure where to tart with eye shadow BUY THIS PALETTE! I think i paid £2.99 for it and then £6.99 postage because it was from Hong Kong. Even if you only use it whilst you are learning, it's a lot better than buying an £11 mac eye shadow and finding out you really cannot pull off the colour!

Mascara's & Bases
When it comes to mascara, i really do think just about everyone starts out with Maybelline Great Lash because it is so iconic and i really do think Maybelline is an amazing brand for mascara. This one however really isn't all that good. I know most people buy it, but never repurchase because the brush is so small and the overall affect is very natural and daytime.

When it comes to bases, i didn't even know they existed until i joined the Beauty Community. I started out by just using a slight slick of vaseline or a little bit of concealer for the shadow to stick to, but then i bought UDPP and I've never looked back! If you want something a little more inexpensive to test out before you commit to an (£11?) bottle of primer i would suggest a cream eyeshadow, I'm currently using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.

Lip Products
It's sooo tempting to dive straight into the hot pinks and bright reds, but buy starting out with inexpensive lipsticks and lip glosses you can test out lots of different colours to see what really works for you. My 3 favourite brands for lipsticks are Barry M, NYX and Natural Collection. And then for lip gloss, the Barry M ones are well pigmented, smell lovely and only cost about £5!

Face Products
Now this is where it can get a little tricky. Finding your holy grail foundation can take years. I'm still not convinced i have found mine, but buy knowing my skin type, I'm able to buy ones that will benefit me in some way. I started out with Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid because i have enlarged pores and this is suppose to help. I can only really recommend paying attention to foundation adverts and reading/watching lots of review by people with the same or similar skin types as you.

Along with eye shadow bases, i also never knew about highlight and contour before i got involved with make-up online. To highlight i started out with the Collection 2000 Shimmer & Shade, which isn't the best product on the market but is a nice way to get used to highlighter and understand how they work.

I started my relationship with concealer in year 7. I remember i would apply it to any spots i had and then hardly blend the product out so it was basically caked on my face :( BAD TIMES! I think skin time is really important for concealer too because it will determine whether you should be using a more solid or liquid product. The product i have pictured is by Natural Collection and is what i still often use.

Blush. For most, blush is the most exciting part of applying make-up. It can completely lift and brighten the face but only if you get it right. To start out with i would recommend Boots 17 blushes. I still use them today and absolutely adore them!

I really do hope this post has helped any girls or boys who are just getting started with make-up and are a little unsure as to where to start and what they should be looking for. I think the key thing to remember is to just have a play around with cheap products, see what works best, and then maybe invest in some higher end ones if you are interested. Just remember to have fun with it, and if it all goes wrong do worry, make-up washes off!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

What I Wore On - Tuesday 18th May 2010

I am now officially on study leave until i think the second week in June, so my days will be spent in comfy clothes whilst i revise. This is what i wore when i was just sat out in the garden revising the other day. Sorry about the blacked out face again, I wasn't wearing any make-up :)

Floral Top: Primark
Navy Vest: Topshop
Lace Trim Leggings: Select
Bracelets: Primark

I wasn't wearing any shoes because i was just out laid on the grass so didn't really see the point. Also, i love walking around bare foot :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

LoveFilm Movie Review - Sliding Doors

I've decided that to change things up a little on my blog, I'm going to try and include a film review every week or so that i have watched with my LoveFilm subscription. The star rating i give it on this review is the same as the one i gave on the LoveFilm website (it's out of 10). The first film i received was:

Sliding Doors

What I Thought: In all honesty, i didn't like it. I don't even think i finished watching it, i just turned it of after about an hour. I don't even really remember what happened in it.

Stand Out Character: I don't even remember any of the characters so clearly none of them stood out!

Favourite Scene: I don't even remember a specific scene

Star Rating: *****

Would I watch again: No

Have you seen this film? What did you think of it?

Friday, 21 May 2010

Review: Avon Arabian Glow Eye Liners

Avon Arabian Glow Eye Liners
in Deep Purple, Intense Copper, Turquoise, Emerald and Gold

Cost: £6 each

My Thoughts: These are my favourite cream liners :) I bought Gold, Turquoise and Emerald last year in the summer and then when it got to winter they were discontinued :( but they brought them back this summer with new colours. So far i have two of the new ones but i plan to buy the others very soon :) The colours are very vibrant and last a good about of time! I know a lot of people swear by Urban Decays 24/7 liners but i think these are just as good and much cheaper!

Where You Can Buy: An Avon Rep, The Avon Website, or if you would like, you could e-mail me and i can get them for you and post them to you :)

Would i re-purchase?: Without a doubt :) I'm temped to maybe buy some back-up's in case they change the colours again next summer or don't bring them back :(

Overall Score: 9/10

The Close Up's
My three original ones

My two new ones

(From L to R)
Turquoise, Emerald, Gold, Intense Copper, Deep Purple

Thursday, 20 May 2010

A Quick Study Leave Haul

After three days of revision i decided to spend the day with my grandparents and go shopping.

I picked up:
  • Barry M Nail Polish in Berry Ice Cream
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust in Winter Berry (88)
  • Barry M Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Red (05)
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Ambre Rose (112)
  • W7 Perfect Eyes eyeshadow in Burnt Plum
Ok seriously, W7 have been really impressing me recently. first there was the nail polishes, then the box blushes and now these super metallic eyeshadows. The pigmentation is AMAZING! it is bigger than a Mac shadow and was only £1.49! I need to go back sometime during the next week and get some more colours because they had some really pretty silvers and golds!

I've been wanting to try the Winter Berry Dazzle Dust for ages but nowhere has had it. But i found it today and it is super pretty!

I feel like everyone already has this lipstick, but i decided to pick it up today after wanting it for a while. It's such as pretty colour :)

And finally, this red glitter liner which i saw Lollipop26 wearing in a blog post quite a while ago. Cant wait to try it out

I also picked up some magazines while i was out

This months Harper's Bazaar cam with a free Temperley bag

What have you been buying recently?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Lip Combo - NYX & Mac

Thee are another two products that featured in my April favourites as a new Lip Combo i am loving :)

Lip Balm = Mac's TLC in Feelin' Good
Lipstick = NYX round lipstick in Orange Soda

I think it looks really pretty an natural, but the orange in orange soda gives it a little something extra :)

Usually I never use orange soda because of how intense it is. This swatch is 2 swipes of it! But the TLS really helps to calm it down and make it more wearable :)

I want to thank Paula for telling me about this combo, you can see her post of it here.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Blog Sale!

The Rules

  1. I am only accepting PayPal for payment
  2. UK only please
  3. What you see is what you get
  4. Prices include Postage
  5. Leave a comment with your paypal address with what you would like
  6. First come first served

Un-used (in the box) - Avon Solutions Total Radiance Day Cream SPF 15 - 50ml - £6.00 - RRP = £8.00
Un-used (in the box) - Avon Solutions Total Radiance Day Cream (spf 15) & Night Cream Duo - 40ml - £8.00

Un-used - Avon Solutions Total Radiance Day & Night Cleanser - 150ml - £3.00 - RRP = £4.00

Un-used (in the box) - Avon Solutions Plus Total Radiance Brightening Concentrate - 30ml - £5.00 - RRP = £8.00

Un-used (in the box) - Avon Solutions Plus Total Radiance Illuminating Eye Cream - 15ml - £6.00 - RRP = £6.50

Un-used - Avon Solutions Plus Total Radiance Visual Perfection Tint Release Moisturiser SPF 20 - 50ml - £5.00 - RRP = £8.00

Un-used - Avon Solutions Plus Total Radiance Vitamin Boost Mask - 100ml - £4.50

Un-used - Avon Solutions Total Radiance Revitalising Cleansing Wipes - 25 wipes in the pack - £3.00 - RRP = £4.50

Un-used (in the box) - Avon Solutions Total Radiance Night Cream - 50ml - £6.00 - RRP = £8.00

Un-used - Avon ANEW Clinical Lip Plump & Smooth - £7.00

Un-used - Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalising 2 in 1 Gel Cleanser - 125ml - £5.00 - RRP = £7.00

Un-used (in box & plastic) - Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalising Day Cream - 50ml - £12.00 - RRP = £18.00

Un-used (in box & plastic) - Avon ANEW Rejuvenate 24 Hour Eye Cream Day/Night SPF25 - 2x10ml - £10 - RRP = £15.00 - I have 2 available

Un-used (in box & plastic) - Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Flash Facial - 30ml - £16.00 - RRP = £24.00

Un-used (in box & plastic) - Avon ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalising Night Cream - 50ml - £13.00 - RRP = £18.00

Un-used - Avon Advance Techniques True Blonde Anti-Brassiness Treatment Mask - 150ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Advance Techniques True Blonde Strengthening Shampoo - 250ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Advance Techniques True Blonde Tone & Protect Leave in Spray - 150ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Taming Shampoo - 250ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Taming Conditioner - 250ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Solutions Sweet Finish Sugar Scrub - 75ml - £2.00

Un-used - Avon Advance Techniques Daily Results Mirror Shine Spray - 100ml - £3.00

Un-used - Personal Match Smooth Mineral Make-up Powder in Ivory - 15g - £6.00

Swatched Once - Avon Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick in Choc Sequins - £2.00

Un-used (in the box & plastic) - Avon ANEW Cleanse 2 in 1 Anti-Ageing Gel Cleanser - 125ml - £6.00
Un-used - Avon ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Cream Cleanser - 125ml - £7.00

Un-used - Avon ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Night Cream - 10ml - £7.00 - (full 50ml size RRP = £22.00)

Un-used - Avon ANEW Ultimate Contouring Eye System - 15ml - £14.00 - RRP = £18.50

Un-used - Avon ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Day Cream - 10ml - £7.00 - (full 50ml size RRP = £22.00)

Un-used - Avon Advance Techniques Straight & Sleek Smoothing Balm - 100ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Planet Spa Dead Sea Minerals Foot Cream - 75ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Footworks Rough Skin Remover - 75ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Naturals Strawberry Yoghurt Facial Mask - 75ml - £2.00 - I have 3 available

Un-used - Avon Skin So Soft Bath & Body Oil - 250ml - £2.50

Un-used - Avon Skin So Soft Foaming Oil Body Moisturising - 150ml - £4.00 - I have 2 available

Un-used (in the box) - Avon 60's Mod eau de toilette - 50ml - £8.00

Un-used - Avon Black Cherry & Nutmeg Jelly Body Wash - 200ml - £4.00

Un-used - Avon Naturals Pomegranate & Mango Shower Gel - 200ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Naturals Raspberry Moisturising Body Yoghurt - 200ml - £3.50

Un-used (in the box) - Avon Planet Spa Himalayan Goji Berry Moisture Replenishing Face Mask - 75ml - £3.00

Un-used - Avon Planet Spa Himalayan Goji Berry Revitalising Body Lotion - 150ml - £3.50

Un-used - Avon Planet Spa Himalayan Goki Berry Rejuvenating Moisture Beads Body Wash - 150ml - £3.50

Un-used (in the box) - Avon Planet Spa Himalayan Goji Berry Conditioning Hair Repair Mask - 150ml - £4.00

Un-used - Charles Worthington Take Away Colour Bright Shampoo (travel size) - 75ml - £2.00

Un-used - Charles Worthington take away colour radiance conditioner (travel size) - 75ml - £2.00

Un-used - Avon Bali Bliss Shimmering Body Mist - 100ml - £2.00