Monday, 31 August 2009

Avon Haul :)

so ladies it's monday (ok technically its 1:30 am on Tuesday), which means avon delivery day. I ordered quite a few things this month because loads of stuff was on offer and a figured it would be an exam results treat. So here is what i got :)

Nail Experts conditioning nail enamel remover

i just got this because it was on offer for 99p and the bottle looks alot nicer and more professional than my current nail polish remover

Solutions Day Total Radiance refreshing day cleanser

the bottle says: Revitalising creamy gel removes overnight build-up and deep cleanses, while refreshing and awakening skin

i'm not too sure when i am going to get round to using this because i'm loving my solutions purepore-fection cleansing foam and dont want to upset my skin by bombarding it with loads of different products

Solutions Night Total Radiance makeup removing night cleanser

the bottle says: Cleansing gel dissolves all traces of makeup and daily buildup. Leaves skin with a luminous, healthy looking glow

this also sounds super cool but i'm going to wait a while before i use it

Conditioning eye makeup remover lotion

this was also on sale for 99p and i figured i would see how it compared to by beloved boots make-up removing gel

Planet Spa african shea butter brown sugar body scrub

this is literally like washing with sugar and i love it. It smells so good its good enough to eat :) I generally love all of the planet spa products but this is without a doubt one of my favourites

Solutions plus pure pore-fection face lotion

this stuff is AMAZING! i think i might have just fallen out of love with my nivea moisurising fluid! This makes my skin feel soft just like the cleanser does. i cant stop touching my face :) its lovely!!!

Naturals conditioning balm

i bought this because i liked it when i reviewed my sisters in my Hair Care Diaries but i can't decide whether to keep it or use it as a giveaway prize :S

While i was visiting family in Doncaster today i got a present from my uncle & aunt who just came back from florida :) Its the legendary CoverGirl lashblast and i LOVE it! when i put it on my sister actually said "wow" and she NEVER compliments me :) Her best friend has a house in Florida and goes every October so i might give her some money and ask her to pick me a few up :)

i also got an issue of NYLON that my uncle get's for me :)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Some new storage

Me my mum and my dad went to my nans this evening because my mum made an apple crumble and wanted to go and give them some :) When we got there my nan asked me if i wanted her make-up box because she had no use of it anymore and didnt want it taking up space. It must have been my lucky night because just the other day i told my sister i wanted to buy a traincase to store all my nail polishes in. Especially because i'm really into nail polish at the minute and hopefully i will be expanding my collection soon :) Anyway, here are some pictures:

ok so i admit it's not the prettiest thing in the world but it does the job :)

It has a handy little mirror that flips up

All my polishes :)

These are the things i am keeping underneath.They are just the things i find super handy to have around.

My nan also left this Avon mascara in the box for me that is still in the wrapper and has never been used. I think i might do a giveaway and include this.

This or That

This is just a really fun tag where you choose one or the other :)

Galaxy or Dairy Milk??

Dairy Milk ... Yummy :)

Coke or Pepsi??


Tesco or Asda??

Tesco.Every Little Helps ;)

Mascara or Lipgloss??

ahh this is super hard! i <3>

Cat or Dog??

Cat. the Brian in AbbieAndBrian is my cat :)

Twilight or True Blood??

Twilight all the way!

Summer or Winter??

probably winter. i love fall fashion shows!

Edward or Jacob??

Ewww. who would choose Jacob?? TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!

TV or Films??

this is too hard! like seriously... how can i pick?? erm ... ok .... TV :)

Texts or Phone Calls??


Twitter or Facebook??

Twitter probably

Beach or City??

Cities! I hate beaches. they are boring. I like walking around cities just looking at things

these ladies have some of the best blogs around so if you haven't already, check them out and follow them :)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Blogger's get together :)

would anyone be interested in a bloggers get together during the October Half Term in London??
me and kissesandmakeup have been talking about it a little on twitter and think it would be a great way to get to know all of you ladies :)

If i go i'll be getting a train that starts in Glasgow and then goes through Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Doncaster, Newark (my stop), Peterborough and then King's Cross. This shows all the stops my train takes. If you are interested then let me know :)

I imagine it will just be a really girly day of shopping and gossiping :)


Avon Advance Techniques Dry End Serum

I shows this product in a haul a few weeks ago and have been loving it ever since!

I makes me hair feel and look so much better even after just one use and it smells really nice :) I am generally a bug fan of Avon's Advance Techniques range because the offer really good products for really good prices! You don't need to use alot of the stuff to do your hair which means it lasts quite a while.

I know there are alot of people who struggle to get avon products in there area because they dont have an avon rep so i would be happy to get you something and post it :)

If you want anything just leave me a little e-mail at and i'll let you know if i can get it :)

Friday, 28 August 2009

The Nail Polish's I Am Looking For ...

I will warn you this is quite along list and is purely written for people who might be able to help me get hold of them :) so to many this may be boring:

  1. Color Club Electro Candy
  2. Color Club Angels N Pink
  3. Color Club Diva In Brown
  4. Color Club Ultra Violet
  5. Color Club Out And About
  6. Color Club Tangerine Scream
  7. Milani Pink Pop
  8. Essie Flirty Fushia
  9. Essie Punchy Pink
  10. Essie Body Language
  11. Essie Flawless
  12. Essie Shelter Island
  13. China Glaze Pink-Rox-E
  14. China Glaze Moms Chiffon
  15. China Glaze Pink Underground
  16. China Glaze Breakin
  17. China Glaze Second Hand Silk
  18. China Glaze Laced Up
  19. China Glaze Strawberry Fields
  20. China Glaze Sneaker Head
  21. China Glaze No Way Jose
  22. China Glaze Agent Lavender
  23. China Glaze Fly
  24. China Glaze Bahamian Escape
  25. China Glaze Custom Kicks
  26. China Glaze Golden Opportunity
  27. China Glaze Entourage
  28. Misa Camellia Destiny
  29. Misa Hot People Like You
  30. Misa High Waist Hue
  31. Misa Green With Envy
  32. Misa Speed Of Life
  33. Misa Right Here Now, No More Later
  34. OPI Bubble Bath Pink
  35. OPI Love Me Tender
  36. OCC Grandma
  37. Zoya Sweet
  38. Zoya Barbie
  39. Zoya Cassie
  40. Zoya Lulu
  41. Zoya Malia
  42. Nails Inc. Satin
  43. Nails Inc. Portobello Market
  44. LA Girls Flare Tropical
OK so i know that that is alot of nail polishes but a new Beauty College is opening in my town and i'm gonna go and see if they are running night classes on nails & nail art. So hopefully if i get any of these they will be put to good use :D

If you know anything about these brands eg. prices, where to get them etc. please let me know!


Nail Polish

I really want to get my hands on some nail polishes by China Glaze, OPI, Color Club, Misa, Essie, LA Girl, & Zoya. Do you know where i can get any in the UK? or will i have to do an international swap??


Thursday, 27 August 2009

The piece of paper that decides the next two years ...

... I felt sooo sick on the way to school this morning because for the past 2 years i really have put in minimal effort at school but i'm sooo happy with what i got because it means i got in :) I attend a Grammar school and applied for their sixth form which you need at least 2 B's and 4 C's to get into and i think you need 2 of your subjects to be C or above in maths and English. So basically i was shitting it!

To do the courses that i wanted i needed at least a B in English and i already have a B in Maths (we took 2 exams so if we did bad on one we had another to fall back on thank god!). Which then means i needed 4 C's. two of which had to be in Textiles and RS so i can do A Level Textiles and A Level Philosophy & Ethics. And then i needed 2 more C's from any subjects so i can use Business and English Lit for that :)

I hope that made sense and didn't bore you :)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Getting to know you!

I have sooo much fun getting to know all of you so much so i have created a facebook & MSN accounts just for all of you lovely ladies! feel free to talk to me whenever and about whatever!


im not too sure if the facebook link works so if you try it can you let me know

E-mail =
Twitter = AbbieandBrian

Skin Care Routine

I just want to point out that i dont have a strict routine that i do every morning and every night because usually i tend to forget :( but i do have products that i love alot though and that is kind of what i am going to show you :)

The Cleansers

If im in a hurry or super tired i will just clean my face with a face wipe but my actually cleanser is Avon Solutions Plus pure pore-fection which is a really nice foam that makes my face feel super clean and soft. To remove my eye make-up i use Boots essentials eye make-up remover gel because i prefer it to removers that are oil based.

The Toners

I am yet to use a toner that i actually see results with but at the minute i am using these two. The Avon one is a little strong and makes my eyes water but i can really feel my pores tightening when i use it. The other is Lush's Tea Tree water which i can't feel working but it's really refreshing and nice to just have in your bag on a hot day :)

The Moisturisers

During the winter i have really dry gross skin. my friend suffers from the same problem and recommended Johnsons baby lotion. Now i will warn you that this is really thick and should not be applied before make-up because it just doesn't soak in. I only use it when my skin is dry and i only use it as a night cream. The other is Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid which i love because when you rub it in it is completely matte so you dont have to wait for it to soak in before you apply your make-up :)

I've tried alot of products and am always looking for new ones to try so if you have any recommendations on review request's just leave a comment :) xx

Today's MAC Haul :)

My mac delivery came yesterday but i over slept and missed the delivery guy :( but it came this morning and i love both the things i got :)

I am still reasonably new to mac so atm i'm just kind of getting the things that everyone seems to love. As soon as i can get to an actual store i want to find out what foundation & concealer shade i am so i can try those out :)

Also, the quality of these pictures aren't very good so i just want to apologise!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I reached 50 followers!

seriously guy's i could not be happier!! to celebrate i'm going to do a Q&A post :) so leave all of your questions in a comment :) I'm not too fussed what they are but if i feel like any of them are inappropriate then i wont answer them! I really cannot thank you enough!! xxx

is anyone going to IMATS in January??

i know i've asked this in a previous post but i was just wondering again :) I'd love to go in January and get to spend the day with all of you lovely ladies so i was just wondering if anyone else is planning to go. I think i am going to get a train there and go to IMATS on the saturday, then spend the night in london and do some shopping/sightseeing in sunday. If anyone else is interested let me know in a comment! We've got like 5 months to save up & plan :)


Magazine Collection

Some of you may know that i love fashion magazines and over the past year or two i have collected quite a few :)

eww i look gross but i wanted to show how tall the pile was :)

My Elle's
My Glamour's
My Instyle's
My Nylon's
My Marie Claire's
My Harper's
My Vogue's
When i am out of the country i try to get magazines from that country :) I got loads of french ones when i went in December.

How i store my make-up

These are just some pictures of the draws that i keep my make-up in. This is not a collection post.
i admit its nothing exciting or overly pretty but it does the job :)

Monday, 24 August 2009

The List. Tag!

i got this tag from Holly. It is basically the list of celebrities that you would. Like the ones that Rachel & Ross make on friends when they are dating! I'm not going to explain why i have chosen these people because a picture speaks a thousand words :P I think i was suppose to stick to five but i just couldn't help myself :)

Hugh Laurie
Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen
right seriously, don't tell me you are Team Jacob. Jacob sucks!! He found his true love in Renesme and therefore he will never get with Bella. Don't hate on Edward! he is hot!

Paul Rudd
James McAvoy
Adam Brody (watch In the Land of Women ... it's amazing!)
Hugh Grant
Ewan Mcgregor
Ed Westwick
Chace Crawford
Cappie from Greek :)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Back 2 Mac help

I've never done back to mac before and was wondering if someone can explain it to me :)

Do you have to include the cardboard box?
Do you have to include the plastic bit that you flick out and melt?
Do you have to include an empty metal pan? (i think you do in the US now)
can your 6 empty things be any empty mac products?

if you know the answer to any of these can you please leave me a comment :)


please help me pick!!

So i did some more cleaning for my mum today because she said she would get me something from MAC if i did (and then she turned to my dad and said "if you want to get her to so something all you have to do is say MAC", :o am i really that easy to persuade?!!? haha) but i can't decide what i want :( i'm thinking:

  • MSF Natural
  • All that glitters e/s
  • Angel Lipstick
  • Patisserie Lipstick
  • Subculture lip liner
  • Painterly paint pot
help! which would you get??

10 Random Fact's Tag

I was tagged by the fabulous Precious at Precious Smileyy to do 10 random fact's about me

  1. I attend a Grammar School
  2. I don't drink Coffee
  3. I have one sister who is 18 months younger than me
  4. I live at the seaside
  5. My favourite food is Chinese food
  6. I watch a ridiculous amount of TV shows on the Internet
  7. I only own 5 MAC things but hopefully by tonight it will go up to 6 :)
  8. I love things to be organized and in alphabetical or chronological order. And i love writing lists
  9. Rounders is my favourite sport
  10. I don't have a favourite film ... i watch too many of them to only have one favourite

Saturday, 22 August 2009

YouTube & BlogSpot made me do it!

I saw this really cool video by Sardun1 where she named the things that she only bought because of the good things she had heard about the product from people on youtube. I am extending mine to include posts that i have also read on peoples blogs.

This was my first ever mac purchase and i bought it because Holly said it was her favourite blush and i love her video's :)

I wasn't really into mac the first time the StarFlash shadows came out but when this colour was re promoted it seemed like everyone was either buying it or saying that they already had it and loved it. I think this post from Cat convinced me to get it.

I don't think there was a particular post or video that made me get this, i just heard that it was good and i really like benefit so i bought it :)

Everyone was talking about this nail polish being the perfect dupe for MAC's Peppermint Patti but i didn't decide to get it until i saw this picture on Lollipop26's blog.

I hadn't bought a Collection 2000 nail polish in years but where i saw this from Holly i knew i needed this one!
There was soo much buzz about both of these a few months ago and i think Holly & Hele convinced me to get them

I already have one of these when i saw this video by Sirvinya but now i have 12 :S kinda got addicted!

I think just about everyone either has this or has tried it at some point, therefore i have no idea where i first heard about it. I like the mascara but I'm not too keen on the brush.

I think i first heard of NYX lipsticks from lollipop26 when she made this video. I thought that because there were like 90p each from the site i got them from i would pick up a few :) I don't think my colour choices were very good but if i ever get a chance to swatch other colours i would defo buy more!

If i hadn't seen this video i would have probably never discovered this amazing lipstick because i very rarely look at the Rimmel counters. It is the only lipstick i have ever completely used up and as soon as i can find more i will be buying them!! Thank you Sabrina :)

You have no idea how thankful i am to Lil for sowing me the inside of her bag so i could see this little treasure! for years i have used Vaseline but now i have this i don't think i will ever go back! thank you for this post!

PinkieCharm has always been one of my favourite YouTubers because i feel like she has reviewed soo many products that everything she says must be right :) i remember hearing her talking about these lipglosses in this video and although i couldn't find the shade she has :( i picked up 3 others. They are by no means my favourite lipglosses but i do like them a lot and got them quite cheap so i'm happy :)

I heard about the Natural Collection's blushes through this video on PinkLemonadexo's channel. Although she didn't feature this shade in her video i thought it was the nicest one in boots. I don't really like this and never use it (i am currently selling it on my blog sale) but i don't regret buying it because it was only £1.95.

If you do this tag leave me a link in the comments so i can check it out :)