Friday, 24 July 2009

I'm on the look out for ...

I'm really getting into everyone having blog sales because you get some really good bargains. So basically here is a list of things i am looking for. If you are selling any of these things or know anyone that is, leave me a link in a comment so i can check it out. I'm not guaranteeing that i will buy everything i want, it all depends on what my mum says :)

  1. Dior Addict Lipglosses
  2. MAC Colour Crafted Lipstick
  3. MAC Pink Rebel Lustre Drops
  4. MAC Femme-Fi Eyeshadow
  5. Benefit You Rebel Light
  6. Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow
  7. NARS Orgasm Blush
  8. NARS Laguna Bronzer
  9. NARS Albatross Highlighter
  10. NARS Cyprus Eyeshadow

Shopping at MAC

I've worked for the past two days and i'm planning on working for the next two so that i can have a bit of a MAC splurge. The only thing is that i don't have a store anywhere near me so i have to use their website and i don't know what to get :S This is where you lovely ladies come in :) There's a few things that i have in mind and i would really like your opinion on any of them that you have used or a link to pictures so i can see swatches. The thing's i like the look of are:

  • All That Glitters Eyeshadow
  • Woodwinked Eyeshadow
  • Bare Study Paint Pot
  • Pretty Please Lipstick
  • C-Thru Lipglass
  • Tenderling Blush
  • Trace Gold Blush
  • Fix +
  • MSF Natural
I'll probably have about £60 to spend. If you can think of something else for me to maybe try then leave me a comment and i'll check it out :) also i cant get any foundation or concealer because i don't know what my colour is until i got to a store and get colour matched. Also, does anyone know when Baby Bloom launches in the UK because i really want a Studio Moisture Tint!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Guess what arrived today ...

My MAC lipstick that i got from Marcia's blog sale :), and i love it! It's really nice as a light glaze of colour by it's self or over another lipstick to change the finish of it :) From what i can remember, Bubbles came out with the Sugar Sweet Collection (which i missed) so i'm soo happy i got this :). It also made my mum very happy because i got the lipstick for £5.50 instead of paying £12 from the MAC website. She's been asking me all day if i've found any other MAC bargains on any other blog sales so if you are having one or know someone else that it, leave me a link in a comment :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Nails of the Day

I don't tend to really do these posts because i don't really paint my nails much but i was watching Friends earlier and got a bit bored so i thought I'd whip out my Wild Lilac ... and this is how it turned out

has anyone else got this polish??

Twilight Make-up & Jewellery

yes, you heard me correctly ... Twilight Make-up. Basically the lady who came up with DuWop's Lip Venom has created a range of twilight themed make-up that hasn't yet been given a release date but It is believed it will be about the same time as the film comes out (November 20th). There are two separate collections, the first being called Luna Twilight. The picture below of the lipstick is part of that range.

Other products that will be in this range include:
  1. First Light Body Glow
  2. Mortal Glow Blushing Creme
  3. Colour Palettes entitles "Bella" "Rosalie" "Alice" and "Victoria"
Te second collection is called Volturi. The picture below is the "Crown Mascara"

Other products in the Volturi range will include:
  1. Deity Body Lotion
  2. Immortal Body Shimmer
No i know that it all probably seems a little tacky and childish bu
t when it comes out i don't think I'll be able to stop myself :)

DuWop have also released a limited edition Lip Venom entitled "Lip Venom V". it is the sneak preview of their Twilight Venom that will be launching this Fall and is Limited Edition. Unlike the usual Lip Venom's that tend to be glosses this is a "Shimmering Crimson Lip Stain Suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner". The idea is that the two products represent the blending of the Human and Vampire worlds.

Jules smith has also launched a New Moon Collection in Jewellery this include:

A Bracelet called "Jacob's Nemesis" that comes in gunmetal (below), gold or silver and retails for $45.00

A necklace called "Edward's Smile" that comes in gunmetal, gold (below) and silver and retails for $65

A Bracelet called "Bella's good luck charm" with fangs that come in gunmetal, gold or silver (below) and that retails for $20

A Bracelet called "Charm School Vintage Jellies" that retail for $15
i really want the Bella's good luck charm and Edward's smile in gold

does any of this look good to you??

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

is anyone going to IMATS in January??

ok so i know its July now but i want ot know if people are planning on going because i live AGES away and think it's better to start planning now than wait until December and do everything in a panic.

If i go i will probably get the train that goes Newark North Gate, through Peterborough and then stops at London Kings Cross so if anyone is going and is planning on getting this train ... let me know :)

I know that Lollipop26 went earlier this year and said it wasn't worth it but after seeing how much fun everyone had at the one in LA about a month ago i'm kinda hoping this years will be goood :)

Review: Avon Naturals Coconut & Papaya Body Lotion

I don't want to write paragraphs about what i think of this product because it's really not very exciting so i'll try to keep things simple.
  • This smells really nice. It kind of reminds me of a sun cream i used to have that i'm pretty sure was also from Avon
  • It feels really light but can take a while to soak in and makes your skin feel quite greasy until this happens
  • Avon usually have offers on there Naturals products so the price is very good for the amount of product your getting
  • After using this products on my arm's this happened ...

So i probably wont be using this again any time soon except on my legs, because i didn't get spots on my legs when i used it.

First YouTube Video

Ahh this was sooo scary! i'm not too sure if i'm going to continue doing video's i guess i'll just see how this one goes. Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe :)

First Ever MAC Lipstick

i just bought my first ever mac lipstick from Marcia's lovely blog sale. I got Bubbles from the sugar sweet collection. You should go and check her sale out because you never know, she might be selling something you've been looking for for ages. another up side is that postage is free to anyone in the UK and for anyone in Europe or the US its only £1 :) I can't wait for it to arrive. I'm sooooo excited!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

What i'm thinking of selling

these are just a few pictures of a few of the things i'm thinking of selling

let me know if you are interested in any of the items so i know if listing them on ebay is worth it

Avon Shimmer Swirls Face Illuminator - bought today - used twice

Revlon Sheer Gel Blush in shade 310 - Used about six times

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in 25 - about 95% left

Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud - used about three times

Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! pigment eyeshadow - about 90% left

Jillian Dempsey for Avon blush in Celestial - used three times

NYX lipstick in Thalia - used about 5 times

NYX Orange Soda lipstick - used about 10 times

There will also be a few more barry m dazzle dusts, a barry m nail paint, a stila lipstick, a green avon eyeliner, a green collection 2000 dazzle me eyeshadow and a w7 green pigment

Sunday, 19 July 2009

blog sale??

if i was to do a blog sale but through ebay ... would anyone be interested??

it would probably be a collection of make-up, clothes, accessories and books/video's

let me know in a comment if you think this is a goood idea

i'm choosing to do this through ebay because my paypal account is actually my dad's and i think ebay is a safe way to sell unwanted gooods


I'm starting to get into Twitter again so if you follow my blog and you have twitter please follow me there :)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

I think i'm addicted to TV

seriously, its kinda annoying. while i write this i've got an episode of greek playing in the background i used to watch most of the shows i like and to catch up on previous series i've missed. I think the reason i watch so much TV is because all of the show's have a lovable character (LC). At the minute i'm watching:
  • Greek - LC = Cappie
  • Scrubs - LC = Dr Cox
  • Ugly Betty - LC = Daniel Meade
  • 90210 - LC = Silver
  • Sex and the City - LC = Miranda
  • Lipstick Jungle - LC = Kirby
  • Grey's Anatomy - LC = Izzie
  • House - LC = Dr House
  • Gossip Girl - LC = Chuck
  • The OC - LC = Seth Cohen
On a daily basis. it's ridiculously time consuming but soooo addictive. I think Greek is probably my favourite at the minute because i love Cappie :)

i really want to know your favourite shows, in a hope that it gives us something to talk about, or gets me addicted to something new :)

Let me Know :D

Favourite Reads TAG

I found this tag on Ellie's Blog
I've always liked reading but just recently I've really got into it because I've been off school and had nothing constructive to do. It has however meant that I've been up quite late (5am is the current record) because some of the stuff I've been reading is just sooooo good. This tag is to list my favourite books that I've ever read. I'd love to know your opinion if you have read any of these or if reading my review has made you go out and try them.

  1. Meg Cabot - Every Boy's Got One You will guess from this tag that Meg Cabot is probably my favourite writer. The obsession started with the Princess Diaries but then as i got older i started reading her adult books. This book is really good as a holiday read because it's about a couple that elope and their best friends fall in love while their there. it's sooo lovely.
  2. Meg Cabot - Queen of Babble I love this series of books because the main character is soooo funny! and i also feel like i can relate to her because she wants to be a wedding dress designer and i one day want to be a fashion designer.
  3. Stephenie Meyer - The Twilight series OMG! if you have read any of my previous post's you probably know i love twilight. I've pictured new moon in this post because it's my favourite out of all of them.
  4. Greg & Liz - He's Just Not That Into You this has changed my out look on relationships sooo much. If your in the UK go and pick up the august edition of Glamour magazine because the book is free in it. It really shows you that if a guy is doing something or not doing something HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. I really want to see the film after reading this
  5. Meg Cabot - The Princess Diaries series i grew up reading these books and love alll of the characters. I think if you are between about 11-15 or you know someone that is, i really recommend these books. There nothing like the Disney film so if that put you off at all don't worry.

A New Poll

I just created a new poll for you to all answer (please!) so i know what sort of post's you want to read. Lately i haven't realy been paying much attention to my blog and i'm hoping that knowing what you want to read will give me motivation to write :) If you choose the option "other" then let me know what you were thinging in a comment.

thank you x

Prom Picture

i promised to show you all my prom dress so here it is:

My dress was short because i'm quite short and i was worried that a long dress would just drown me :)
My hair was sooooo pretty bt it gave me a head ache so i left super early compared to most people, but to be quite honest the night was pretty boring so i dont feel like i missed anything

Friday, 17 July 2009

Discovery of the Week

I was flicking through look magazine yesterday and found some really nice clothing websites i've been browsing through. The first is it basically stuff that topshop have made for half the price :) can't really go wrong there. some stuff that has really stood out for me is:
This top is £12.99

These leggings are £9.89

This dress is £14.99

Another site is, the things for me on this site that really stand out are some of the belt's but there having a sale where some vests are £3 and theres a skirt thats £2. The thing's i like are:

This belt is £6

This top is £16
This belt is £8

The only problem is i'm saving up at the minute for MAC :(

Magazine Collection

I'm sure i've mentioned in previous posts that i collect fashion magazines and hope to have a career in fashion in the future. I can't travel anywhere without one and have been caught in many lesson's reading then rather than doing the work.

They take up far too much space but i would never get rid of them or hide them away in boxes. The top shelf contains Vogue, Harpers and Elle. The bottom shelf contains marie claire, glamour, nylon, American Elle and Instyle. I wish some of these magazines were easier to get. I haven't had Harpers since about March and no American Elle since January. The closest place that sells them is about half an hour drive away. I get Nylon sent over from America to the newsagent my uncle works in and then he sends it to me, he lives 2 hours away!! But any effort that it takes to get them is 100% worth it.


Just like loads of people i know, i took advantage of the ASOS sale and picked up a few bits and pieces along with my sister.

The first is a plain black t-shirt with a wide neckline .... sorry the picture is sooo awful!

Then i got a puffball grey skirt

And then a cream vest that drapes longer at the back
Nothing is very exciting but its all stuff i can just put with anything in the summer when i don't want to be tooo dressy

Monday, 13 July 2009

Photo Tag

i got the idea for this from Style Is The Sixth Sense :) it's really fun!

Basically the idea is to post the 6th photo from your 6th album on your computer but she decided to so the 6th, 12th and 24th, so i did the same :)

The 6th photo from my 6th album

This is a picture from out last day of year 11. The girl on the left is my friend Steph, then im in the middle and my friend shannon is on the right :)

The 12th photo from my 12th album
This is a blurry picture of a street in Paris. I guess i must have been walking when i took it but i went and christmas time so all of the shops and hotels were covered in lights like this. It was really pretty :)
The 24th photo from my 24th album
This is was a history trip to Belgium at the end of year 10. we had soooo much fun but i think belgium were going thru a heat wave at the time because it was soooo walm on the last day (this is the first day) Im the first one on the left and then Laura, Anita, Georgia and Elli :)