Thursday, 31 December 2009

HMV Haul

If you follow me on twitter then you will probably know i have a bit of an obsession with American TV. Seriously, wen i get home from school the first thing i do is check to see if my fave shows are up online yet or not. So as it was the sales and HMV have free postage (which i love) i thought i would treat myself to some boxsets :)

The only problem is, i've been looking on HMV all day thinking of what boxsets i can get next!! haha

The Grey's Anatomy one was £14.99 and is a collectors edition so it comes with free Cards with all the cast members and background info about them and a bonus disc which i haven't watched yet

The How I Met Your Mother one was only £9.99 :)


Soap & Glory Haul

My mum was getting something for my sister from the boots sale and she very kindly got me a few things to :)

Get Set Glow which contains:
  • Clean Mary Cleansing Milk
  • The Greatest Scrub of All
  • Supereyes Supereyes Moisturizing Eye Gel
  • Glow Job Moisturising Cream
  • A Face Cloth
the set should have been £20 but i got it for £10 in the sale

And then:
Nail & Cuticle Scrubbing Brush
Glad Pits Deodorant
Off your Face wipes

and the deal was, 3 for 2. And when you but 3 things you get a free gift, although the gift isn't very good

It's just a little gift bag. I figured i could use it for storage or if i give someone a Soap & Glory present i could put it in here:

what have you been buying in the sales??

Review: Mac Lipstick in Myth

Mac Lipstick
in Myth

Cost: £12

My Thoughts: I bought this because it seemed like such a cult mac product. I'm a little new to finishes but this is a Satin and im really not a fan. I like my lipstick to have a little bit of gloss to it so i usually stick to a glaze finish. I have heard however that Creme d'nude is the same colour but with a creamier finish so after i've used this up a little i might get that :) The colour is a really nice nude without looking to concealer like.

Where you can buy:
mac counters
mac stores

Would i re-purchase: probably not, i want to try creme d'nude instead

Overall Score: 6/10

Bare Lips

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A Little Dazzle for New Year's Eve

I figured because it's NYE tonight i'd do something a little different. I personally am not going out (i never do, CBA! but i will next year because i'll be 18!!!) I think NYE is the perfect time to pull out the glitter and everything you are usually too embarrassed to slap on your face!

Now i know in these pictures i have super bad eyebrows but it's xmas so i cba to do them properly!

The aim of this was to make the eyes the main focus so i kept the lips nude and the cheeks fairly natural

Also it was 3am when i did all this so excuse all eye bags, bad photography/lighting and anything else you wish to find fault with!

I tend to stick to neutral colours so this blue is really pushing the boat out for me :)

Crazy Face!!

Product's Used:


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Mac Studio Finish Concealer
Mac Studio Fix Fluid
Mac MSF Natural
Mac Bronzing Powder
Mac MSF in Soft & Gentle


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Avon eyeliner in Turquoise (as a base)
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 78 (Kingfisher)
Urban Decay Skyscaper mascara
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara


Mac Lipglass in Florabundance
Mac Lipstick in Myth

If you like these kinds of posts with looks then let me know because i know i never do them and i did actually find this quite fun :) I might try a step by step tutorial with pictures or something next time :)

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish
in Soft and Gentle

Cost: £19

My Thoughts: I always thought MSF's were just a load of glitter for your face and i would hate them but when i got to watch this at the Airport in November, i fell in love with it :) I'm sooo glad my mum got it me for Christmas :)I've only tried it on my cheekbones so far but can't wait to try it on my browbone, nose etc.

Where you can buy:
Mac Counters
Mac Stores

Would i re-purchase: I really want to try some other shades, but not until i've used this one up a little

Overall Score: 10/10

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Review: Boots 17 Bronzer in Light

Boots 17 Bronzer
in Light

Cost: £3.99

My Thoughts: I very rarely hit pan on anything, so the fact that i have with this product is a good indication of just how much i like it and use it. It was my first bronzer because i always thought i was too pale to wear it and it really was the perfect shade for me. I now use the slightly darker Mac bronzer in Golden. It has a little bit of shimmer in it but it really isn't very noticeable.

Where you can buy:

Would i re-purchase: Probably not, now that i know i can wear bronzer, i want to try using different brands to see what i like best

Overall Score: 9/10

Ask me anything

Review: Collection 2000 Dazzle Me in Paradise

Collection 2000 Dazzle Me
in Paradise

Cost: i think about £2.50

My Thoughts: In all honesty, i think i prefer these to the Barry M Dazzle Dusts, are they are about half the prices, and the jars are like double the size. The colour selection is no where near as wide but what they have is very good. With the Barry M DD's you really are paying for a better quality product and packaging, but if you get the chance to try any of the Collection 2000 Dazzle Me's then do. I might do a comparison post later if i remember

Where you can buy:
some Tesco's

Would i re-purchase: I recently sold a lot of mine but i'm thinking about buying them again because i miss them, i just dont use them a lot.

Overall Score: 9/10

Left = Wet
Right = Dry

Review: Barry M Fine Glitter Dust (25)

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust
in Forest Green (25)

Cost: £4.50

My Thoughts: This eye shadows are absolutely beautiful, but i just can't get on with the glitter and as you may have read in a previous post, i don't really like loose make-up. The picture below shows just how much more intense the colour is wet compared to being applied dry. I use to think £4.50 for the size of these little posts was really expensive, but they last so long that the price is justified.

Where you can buy:
some Tesco's

Would i re-purchase: probably not, i dont think i will need to, it's not gonna run out anytime soon

Overall score: 8/10

Monday, 28 December 2009

I Need London Idea's :)

I'm going to London on Saturday (Hopefully if everything goes to plan) and as always i want to pick up some make-up from stands that i cant get easily from where live. Now, i have experienced some very pushy staff in the past so i prefer to know what i am going for, i'll do a little swatch, buy the product and leave.

Brands that i am interested in are:
Bobbi Brown
Urban Decay

so what are your favourite products from any of these brands? As far as i know, because i'm going with my sister and her friend and no adults, are plan is to stick to Oxford Street and maybe Harrods if we have the time. If there are any brands in these stores that you think are worth looking at them please let me know those too :)

Review: Avon Smooth Mineral Blush

Avon Smooth Mineral Blush
in Blushed

Price: i'm gonna guess about £6ish ... i cant find it on the website!

My Thoughts: This colour is so perfect for my skin tone. It just looks really natural and healthy. It has a little shimmer in it but nothing overly glittery which i really like. The major downside to this product however is the fact that it is mineral. I'm really not a fan of mineral make-up because i tend to do my make-up in a hurry or on the school bus, so using loose powder really isn't practical. I'm hoping to have a go at pressing some mineral make-up soon and i might give this a go because i really want the opportunity to use it more.

Where you can buy:
your local Avon rep

Would i re-purchase: is i can press this, then yes maybe

Great Tip: It's always better to tap off any excess product and build the colour up rather than slapping too much on

Overall Score: 6/10

Review: Urban Pocket Rocket in Timothy

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss
in Timothy

Cost: The Hall of Fame set is £18.00 or the full size gloss is £10.50

My Thoughts: The website describes this colour as Coral with Pink Glow but i really don't think this gloss is Coral, it's much more of a red. I have never used a lipstick that smelt so sweet, it's almost sickly. The smell reminds me of something my mums bakes but i cannot for the life of me think what it is. It has a brush applicator which im not really a fan of and the colour is really pigmented. To be honest, if this wasn't in the set, it would be something i never would have tried. I'm not really keen on the colour but i would be interested in maybe trying some of the more subtle shades.

Where you can buy:
House of Fraser

Would i re-purchase: Not in this colour, but yes, i would like to try some others

Great Tip: Use a mirror when using this shade, it's very red so if you mess up with it, it is going to be very obvious

Overall Score: 7/10

Natural Lip Colour
Timothy Lip Gloss

Review: Soap & Glory iFoam Body Wash

Soap & Glory iFoam Body Wash

Cost: £4.50

My Thoughts: This is one of the first products i tried out of the Hat Box because i've never tried anything from the S&G Spa range before and really wanted to see what the products smell like. I love the smell! Probably not as much as the Original Pink smell, but the Spa range is really nice. It smells all citrusey and lovely :) As for the product itself, well its just lovely and creamy and moisturising and make you all clean and smell nice. As soon as i run out of this (which i dont think will take long) i will be getting more! For a 200ml of basically liquid soap, £4.50 may seem a little expensive, but i actually think it's not too bad for a S&G product. It's worth £4.50 just for the packaging!

Where you can buy:

Would i re-purchase: YES! :)

Great Tip: I use the S&G Sudsy Puff with it because i think it makes it lather up nicer

Overall Score: 10/10

Sunday, 27 December 2009

I HIT 100!

OMG! this is sooo excited. to all of my followers thank you sooo much :) and a super special thank you to Marcia for saying on twitter that my blog is fab. It means sooo much to me :) and if you dont follow her then you must because her blog is even more fabulous then mine! For all of my new followers:

I have another blog that is just nail polish based. It is So if you are interested in nail polish feel free to follow me there too :)

I spend a lot of time on Twitter, so if you want to follow me there my user name is AbbieandBrian

I am always happy to take requests to feel free to have a look at my hauls, and then request a review of any products you are interested in

I really cannot thank you enough for following me :)

Urban Decay - 24/7 Super Stash

This was technically my sister's Christmas present but after seeing her use it i really want it :( haha. So she and the rest of the family were out yesterday because they went to see family and i stayed at home. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try some of the colours out :)

I dont have the box in front of me at the minute i forgot to note down the colours :S

but as soon as i find out i'll update this post to let you know! Sorry x

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Haul = Not Bragging

I'm a little bit worried what my Christmas haul's may be coming off to some people as bragging and i really don't want people to think that. I tried to just stick to the make-up and beauty things i got because them you will know what products I've been trying and you can request reviews of them or at least know what sort of reviews will be coming up.

Although i mentioned my TV and sewing machine, i didn't post about them because 1) i don't image it would have been a very exciting post and 2) TV's and sewing machines have nothing to do with this blog.

I know i did show my Books, Magazines & DVD's but that was just because i've mentioned before my love for fashion, twilight and box sets and thought it would be ok to show you.

Thankfully i haven't received any comments saying "oh your bragging" or whatever, but i know this is how a lot of people feel about other people doing Christmas Hauls

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and, if you and going to do an xmas haul, i cant wait to see what you got!

Review: Mac Eyeshadow in Amber Lights

Mac Eyeshadow
in Amber Lights

Cost: £11 or £8.50 in pan form

My Thoughts: I'm a huge fan of Mac eyeshadows in general but the colour of this is like nothing i have ever owned.It's easy to wear because it has a gold/neutral feel to it, but it also stands out because of the copper/orange colour. It's a Frost finish which is probably by favourite finish in a mac eyeshadow because i only wear shimmery colours, i really dont like matte.

Where you can buy:
mac stores
mac counters

Compliments: none that i can think of :(

Would i re-purchase: yes, but i dont wear this very often so it might take me a while to finish it

Great Tip: I wore this with Cranberry yesterday and it had a very festive feel to it :)

Overall Score: 9/10

Mac Warm & Cozy - What I Would Love

I just want to point out straight away that i did not take any of these pictures! They are all from which is the only website i use to look at upcoming mac collections because i think it is the best one!

This post is basically just to let you know all of the things that i like the look of from the Warm & Cozy collection which comes out soon :)

The first is By Candlelight Mineralized Skinfinish - it just looks soo pretty and my Soft & Gentle has got me addicted to MSF's i think!

Warm Me Up Lipstick - i'm hoping this may be a little like my Nude Rose which i love but has been discontinued :(
Feeling Good Tinted Lip Conditioner - I've never tried a TLC but i've heard really good things and would love to try this one
Blissed Out Nail Lacquer - It just looks sooo pretty :)
2N Lipglass - i wasn't really into Mac when the N Collection came out but when i saw pictures of it i really wished i had been. I'm so glad they are re-promoting this!
Sadly, i dont think i will have enough money to get all 5 things because i really want to try expanding my brand selection into things like Illamasqua, NARS and Urban Decay. I guess we will just see how it goes.

Is there anything you are looking forward to from this collection?? check out this link to see all of the other products that will be available and then let me know!

Christmas Lush

My mum got me loads of things from Lush for christmas and out of everything, i have only ever tried one of them so all these things are new to me :)

The Strawberry Santa Shower Jelly :)

Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb

Floating Island Bath Melt

Fairy Tail

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

What do you think i should use first??