Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Eyeshadow of the Day

This is just a natural look i did with some pigments because i never use my pigments but i have loads of them just sat in a box not doing anything.

What i used:

I took some Urban Decay Primer Potion ...

... and covered my entire lid with it

Then i took some of the Avon Smooth Mineral eyeshadow in Exquisite ....

... And put it all over the lid upto the crease

The next product i used was Collection 2000 Dazzle Me in Enchanted

I put this on the outer third of the lid up to he crease and a little along the lower lash line

I then blended the two colours together and added some mascara to the upper lashes :)
Nothing too fancy, just what i wore to go to D of E

Wishlist of the day

I haven't been to work in about 2 weeks so actually getting anything on any of my wishlists may begin to become impossible :( but my lusting of today is this top

There's nothing very exciting about the colour but i love the cut and the prices isn't too bad. It's from topshop and they have it in loads of different colours so if i do get round to getting it and i like it i might got more :)


and also i was talking to my friend josh today and we decided that when the New Moon film comes out in november were gonna go to the cinema i'm gonna make and wear a Team Edward t-shirt and get some fangs and he is gonna make and wear a Team Jacob t-shirt and we're gonna get him some wolf claws :) it's gonna be fabulous

Monday, 29 June 2009

I Want To Get To Know You ...

my follower's list is getting longer every day and i just want to say a big thank you to everyone that is apart of that. but i don't want to have a blog and not get to know the people that read my posts. so if you get a chance, e-mail me!

just with a question, or a fact about yourself, or just to have a conversation with me :)


my e-mail account is abbie.brian@gmail.com

don't be scared, i don't bite
and i promise to reply



These are just a few things i have picked up over the past month

Avon Nailwear Pro in Coral Beat (left) and Sunshine (right)

one coat on Coral Beat

two coats of sunshine

These polishes are really nice and a really good price for the amount you get, i think they're £5 for 12ml. I hope to get a few more of them over the summer because they have really nice pinks and purples, and then in the winter i might get some of their blues :)

Avon Glazeware Extreme in Golden

These lipglosses are my favourite (i think i've mentioned that previously) so i love getting discontinued colours out of my mums Avon Rep book. This is the most recent addition to my collection and i think when i get a few more i might do a review of them all.

Shadowstix in natures sparkle

I'm not too sure what i think of this yet and i think its a discontinued products but i think the colour is perfect for the crease if im doing a natural look.

Rimmel lipstick in frosted

As you can see in the first picture this is a very sheer golden colour that is really easy to wear in the daytime.

No 7 Age Rewind foundation
This foundation is way tooo dark for me but it was on sale in boots for like £1 instead of £11 :O and when i mix it with my normal foundation it makes me look naturally tanned or sometimes i just put it on my cheeks as a base for bronzing powder :)

This is Rimmel Sun Shimmer in light before it is rubbed in.

And this is what it looks like when it is only slightly rubbed in, but i prefer my fake tan to look a little paler than this so i rub it in more and then apply a second coat if needed.

Currently Loving: Queen Beeuty

OMG! i love this girl!! she got my addicted to Twilight and is therefore my favourite person ever!! Her real name is Kalel Cullen (how lucky to have cullen as your surname!!) but she is known on youtube at Queen Beeuty ... which is also fabulous because Queen Bee reminds me of Blair from Gossip Girl (one of my favourite TV shows )

This is her twitter picture

I also love that she calls her Haul's Loots :) i think that's something that makes her video's sooo different, and the backdrop that she films her video's in front of is magazine clippings which i think is really cool and abit more fun than a wall :)

There really isn't much more i can say without sounding like a creepy stalker :) so go check out her youtube channel or follow her on twitter :)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wishlist of the day

I swear if i do not get this book by this time next week i will die!! i want to read it sooo bad!! i finished Eclipse on Thursday i think ... and now all i want to do is read Breaking dawn!! ad i know i talk about the whole twilight saga way tooo much on my blog and if you dont like it i'm really sorry but its just my current obsession .... i'm sure within time it will past.

And because i love twilight soo much ... here is another picture for you :)

Just in case you were wondering, i get most of my twilight pictures from www.fuckyeahtwilight.tumblr.com :)

probably my favourite website EVER!!

Currently Loving: LucyMarie85

I'm hoping to do a shout out to a different YouTuber or Blogger every week or so that i love :)

My very first is the Lovely LucyMarie85 :)

This is her twitter picture of her and her boyfriend :)

she is soo lovely and i love watching her video's on youtube because you get a feeling of her personality when she talks rather than it just being a girl talking to a camera about make-up. I think the really important thing about her channel is that she doesn't just stick to talking about make-up, there's also clothing hauls, tags, ramble and a room tour.

Top 5 Shoes tag

i wasn't actually tagged to do this but i was watching Lucy's video and decided to give it a go

Starting from the back on the left we have:
  • a grey pair of pumps that i got from Topshop for £15. I bought these for work but i wear them all the time :)
  • next are some gladiator style heels that my mum got for me off a market stall for £2 :O and they had never been worn!! here is a close up picture ....

    I think they are alot like the ones carry wore in the sex and the city movie :)

then there is some black ankle boots that i got from primark for £15 and they have these like strap buckle things on then but they are actually velcro. the front half and the bit that goes up the foot is a different material from the rest of the shoe

  • Then these are my all time favourite shoes for the summer ... if you check out my last Lincoln hall you will see i got these in brown too. they look amazing with leggings :)
  • And last but not least are a pair of New Look flats that are cream all over except the front which is patent black and these two colours are separated by a black bow. i love them and got them on sale for £10. As you can probably tell from the colour of the soles, i wear them far tooo much :)

Currently Watching: How To Be

I will admit that the only reason i got this film is because it had Robert Pattinson in it. There is a scene in it where Pattinson is like screaming and being really emotional that i think really shows how good his acting is. other than that it's very indie and not something i am use to watching.

I don't think this is a film i would necessarily recommend to my friends but if you want to pass an hour and like twenty minutes then go for it :)

My twilight picture of the day ... because i think i am actually obsessed :)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Lincoln Haul

So i went to Lincoln on Tuesday with my friend to pick up some prom decorations which took like and hour and 1/2 in one shop ... but after we were done we went into town and i picked up a few bits and pieces ... none of which was make-up :S i think i'm just going through a phase of being happy using what i have ... but i'm sure this will soon pass.

I buy Marie Claire every month (check out my magazine collection) and i was really happy that it came with a free book because I've recently really got into reading :)

I finished this last night at about 4am and CANNOT wait to get my hands on breaking dawn ... one of my friends already told me what happens but i don't mind knowing because i dont think it will ruin the book :)

I got this bracelet in primark for like £2.00 i think and i really like it :)

I've had these shoes in black for moths and ever since i got them i wished i'de picked up the brown ones too so when i was in primark i got them :) they were £4.00

I got these earrings for £1.50 from primark and am so glad i did because other wise i would have bought the ones from River Island that look the same but are £7.99

Monday, 22 June 2009


I'm off on a shopping trip tomorrow in Lincoln for prom decorations and after we've done that we're off into town to do a Little shopping. I'm limiting what i spend on make-up but i was hoping you could help. If you had £10 to spend in either boots or superdrug .... what would you get??

I'm not sure to get like on thing with the money like an Urban Decay Lipgloss or to get lots of little things ... maybe stuff from Natural Collection?? HELP!! i need idea's!

Also .... i love these pictures .... i wish i could get Vanity Fair in my town :(

Sunday, 21 June 2009

My Top 5 Lipglosses

Lipgloss is without a doubt my best friend :) but out of the many that i own these are the ones that i reach for the most often ... all for different reasons.

1. Now i know this lipgloss is my Maybelline but the writing on the tube has rubbed off so i have no idea what time of gloss it is. If anyone recognises it please let me know. I do know however that the colour is "Clearly Coral" It's a fabulous sheer peachy coral colour that i usually use over the top of my Barry M 101 lipstick because it warms it up and stops it looking like concealer .... i think i might cry when i use it all up :(

2. Avon Glazewear Extreme in Pink a Glow - The Avon Glazewear Extreme's are my favourite lipglosses .... there soo smooth to apply and not at all sticky. The colour's are quite sheer but very easy to build up and look really good over lipsticks :) If you have an Avon rep i really would recommend giving these a try ... let me know if you do :)

3. Dior Lip Maximizer - OMG!! IF YOU HAVE THIN LIPS (which i don't) THEN YOU NEED THIS GLOSS!! i've tried loads of different glosses in the past that claim their cooling effect will plump up your lips ... they lie!! But this one does not. It says to use it twice a day for 14 days for the perfect plumpness ... i used it for about 7 days and had to stop because the results were soo good!

4. E.L.F. hypershine Gloss in Fairy - smells soooo goood!! and for £1.50 it's a right bargain!! i bought this hoping that the packaging would make me not want tp spend like £15 on the lipgloss that Stila does which looks pretty much the same. The colour is really hard to describe but i think if you are putting in an order on E.L.F. these are defiantly worth a try ... just for the smell :)

5. Barry M Glossy Tube in 4 - LOVE LOVE LOVE!! this smells fabulous and this may sound weird but one the lipgloss has dried up you are still left with the glittery shimmer on your lips so it still looks like your wearing lipgloss when your not ... I really like the novelty but admit other's may not.

If anyone want's swatches of any of the products mentioned let me know and i'll get some posted!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wishlist of the day

I just read the review that Sabrina just did about the Ciate Nail polishes and now i want them soooo bad :) they sound really good and recently my nail polish collection has been growing so I'd love to try these :)

The packaging is soooo cute and the colour choice looks amazing :) i think my next pay day will be spent on their website :)

Currently Reading: Twilight

I know I'm really late on the whole twilight bandwagon but i watched the film a few weeks ago and fell in love with it :) then when i heard they are currently making the twilight saga i really wanted to read it before a watched it. So i ordered twilight the other day to read it first and it is soooo much better than the film!! If you've watched the movie and really like it i would recommend the book because you will notice straight away how Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are nothing like the original Edward and Bella. It kind of like watching and reading completely different things ... just with the same name. At the minute I'm on page 156 out of 434 and really want to get it finished because new moon is just sat on my shelf calling to me :)

If you've read the book I'd love to know your opinion or if you have any recommendations I'm always open to them :)

I'm thinking the other 2 books in the series called Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and then something like inconceivable or blast from the past both by Ben Elton

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Day out on Lincoln

Just as a warning before you start reading ... this post only mentions one make-up product and i didnt buy it for me so if you are only follow my blog for make-up, you might not like this :)

Today was a really good day :) The post man delivered my Waterstones delivery and my twilight book came (y) so far i've read 74 pages so it may take a while to get through :)

Then i went to Lincoln with my mum and dad and found my prom dress :) It's from warehouse because i really wanted a dress that i could wear again maybe for a family wedding or christening or something. I'm not going to post pictures of what it is becuase i want it to be a suprise for you so i will post pictures from the actual prom (July 11th).

The i went to waterstones and bought New Moon so i can read it as soon as i finish twilight as not have to wait for it to be delivered if i order it too late :)

And then the only make-up thing i got was for a friends birthday present and it was the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Julio which is like a glitterly clear kind of colour.

I'm saving my money at the minute for future Mac collections and a big splurge in Topshop (My Favourite Shop).