Sunday, 31 January 2010

Weekly Challenge - Week Three

Last weeks challenge went awful. I was just such an epic fail :( i've had no motivation because of how hectic school has been recently

Make-Up Challenge: i was in too much of a rush every morning to do eyeshadow :(
Weight Loss Challenge: :S i dont even want to weigh myself this week!
Language Challenge: ok this i did do! yay.
Random Challenge: so it turns out i love the internet too much to spend any time without it. haha

This week's challenges

Make-Up Challenge

To use a different blush everyday for 5 days (because cba with blush or bronzer at the weekend)

I really need to pay more attention to blush because if im being lazy or in a rush this is what i always miss out on.

(Top) Nars Orgasm Blush, Mac Pink Swoon, Mac Well Dressed,
(Bottom) Mac Bronzer in Golden, MSF in Soft & Gentle

Once I've tried them out over the 5 days I'll decide on my favourite and wear it for the whole 5 days of the next week :)

My Weight Loss Challenge

I think i am ready to take the plunge and and aim for two pounds this week. Fingers crossed it goes well :) I think i need to get some new fitness DVD's because i really really don't like Danielle Lloyd. Any recommendations??

My Language Challenge

Boringly, It is to listen to the 3rd of the podcast's i have subscribed to. I also want to know how to say fabulous in both Italian & French because i think that would be cool :)

My Random Challenge

I'm still sticking to my 2 bottles of water and day challenge and i am going to add to it the challenge to use a different school bag everyday just to try and change things up a little :) i'll try to remember to take pictures of the 5 that i use :)

Back to the Drawers

So, i went back to the black drawers because i couldn't handle having to rummage through the hat box to find the things i want every time i did my make-up. To save a little space i've put them on top of one another to make one big tower and i have a little heart shaped basket on the top with all the products i want to try and finish :)

Nail Polishes Please :)

There are currently sooo many nail polishes that i want to get but the prices in the UK are a little OTT for my purse. So was wondering if anyone in the US would be willing to do a make-up swap?!?!

The Polishes i want are:
Essie (from their spring Collection)
  • Lilacism
  • Tart Deco
  • Van D'Go
China Glaze (from their spring collection)
  • Light asAir
  • Peachy Keen
  • Re-Freshmint
  • Something Sweet
I know that Essie's retail for about $8.00 and China Glaze for about $6.50, so if you are interested in the swap maybe you could pick up about 3 of the colours and i could post you some things from British brands that come to the same price. If you know you can help me at all with them please e-mail me :) Oh and also i am in no major rush to get them because it can be quite difficult for me to get to a Superdrug or Boots so if you want to organize the swap for some time in late Feb/or early March that would be perfect.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Lincoln Haul (I found Sleek!!)

I went to Lincoln today because i am part of a Young Enterprise team at my school and we took part in a trade show for the day. In my lunch break i decided shopping was more important than eating and picked up these things from Superdrug & Boots. I also got a jacket from Primark that i'm taking back because it doesn't looks nice on. and it was £17 which i thought was a lot for a Primark jacket!

Boots 17 Blusher in Bramble Frost. It remind me of Mac Well Dressed, but this is a little creamier in colour

Sleek Sunset Palette :)

Sleek Pixie Pink blush

Natural Collection lipstick in Rose Petal

I really like everything i got :) but i'll do a proper review of everything after i've used them a little. I'm also so glad that i found Sleek :) i've been wanting to try their things for along time! I see another trip to Lincoln happening sooon :)

Friday, 29 January 2010

I WILL finish you all! :)

you may remember quite a while ago that i was planning on doing a project 5 pan. well it didn't really go too well because i picked products that i hate! which meant that i didn't want to use them and therefore couldn't finish them. So i want to show you a picture of all the make-up that i currently own, used and that are nearly all gone.

These are the things that i have completely finished :)

look, ALL GONE! :)

i try to keep you updated when i finish some more :)

oh also, i'm not too happy about almost finishing my CoverGirl Lash Blast in Very Black so if any of you can get this easily and would be interested in a swap please e-mail me :) my address is over there somewhere ----->

Reaction Feature

If you scroll to the bottom of this post you may notice that i have now added the reaction feature with the choices of "More of these" if you want to see more of a certain type of post or "Less of these" if you weren't very keen and would rather see something else. It is really just so i know what sorts of things you want to see on my blog and so i dont write too many things that you all don't like :) please feel free to go through my posts and let me know what you think of them :)


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Month In Covers - February

I think this is a theme of post i want to try and do every month. I'll basically show the 8 magazines i bought that month (or more if i buy more) and give you my opinion of the cover picture, because i know for a lot of people, they judge a magazine by it's cover.

Marie Claire
To be honest, I'm not really a fan. The only thing i like, no love, is the trench. Burberry gets me EVERYTIME. God i love Christopher Bailey! But i hate Billie Pipers hair. It's just all over the place. and i don't really like how he is smiling, although her teeth are lovely.

I was sooo excited when i bought this. It's just refreshing to see a nude coloured cover. To me, this is perfection. I think there are prettier pictures of Natalie Portman in the article compared to the cover picture, but it's not disastrous.

The box that InStyle is typed over is a different colour every month and they usually correspond with the month eg. Winters are usually deep colours like blues & purples and i think they had a gold. So i hate that they used bright pink in February. I think Reese looks fabulous. everything is very modern & sharp. and i like that her hair is tied back. And the stool makes a nice change :)

Teen Vogue
I think it's important to keep in mind that Teen Vogue is for teenagers and shouldn't actually have a mature picture like the other magazines i buy. So keeping that in mind, i love this. I think it just looks really young and laid back. Oh and i love Jessica Szohr too which is a bonus.

I don't think much to Cheryl Cole. dont get me wrong i dont hate her. I just dont really get what all the fuss is about. Also, the dress is a little too fussy for a full body cover picture. It's just boring. BLAHHH.

Yay to lilac :) it reminds me of the Burberry spring summer 2010 collection WHICH I LOVED! However i dont really think much to the thing as a whole. It isn't very Vogue, if you get what i mean.

Vanity Fair
Eww Tiger Woods. nuff said. haha

Harper's Bazaar
LOVELY. harper's are really good at doing close up's for their covers. And the cover feels kind of velevetty. no not velvet. like when you put primer on your face. It feel soft like that, which is nice :)

What do you think of them??

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ladies, don't waste lipgloss!

Surely im not the only one who get myself into these situations. You find a lipgloss, you love it and you pretty much use it everyday. And then out of nowhere you've used loads of it and there is nothing left for the wand to grab, but loads of product left at the top and the very bottom :( Here is my cure for this little problem.

1. Take the said lipgloss
2. You will need a mug, a filled kettle and the lipgloss
3. Boil the kettle
4. pour the water into the mug :)
5. place the lipgloss into the water. try and have enough water to get all of the gloss from the top. If you are worried about the lipgloss tube not being able to withstand the hot water, i guess you could wait for it to cool slightly or just use hot water from the tap.

6. The lipgloss moves sooo quickly. seriously this took me like 1 minute. Also notice how my water didn't go right to the top in the mug so some gloss is still at the top :(

7. Now obviously, your lipgloss has become very melty in order for it to slide down the tube. so i put mine in the fridge just to get the consistency of it back to normal and to cool it down so it doesn't burn my lips :) Make sure you stand the gloss up, other wise its just gonna get thicker round the tube and your not gonna be able to get to it again :)

If you have a lipgloss that you do this too please leave me a message telling me how it worked for you :)

oh and also the gloss i used was from Avon and is called Pink A Glow :)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Mini Blog Sale

The Rules

  1. What you see is what you get
  2. Pay Pal only!
  3. I do not offer refunds
  4. I will package things as well as i can but one it leaves my hands i am not responsible for and damages
  5. Leave a comment with what you want and your pay pal e-mail address
  6. Postage is £1.20 and 20p per additional item
  7. First come first served
  8. I am only shipping the the UK sorry
  9. Remember that it is Christmas & New Year soon so packages may take a while to get to you, if you prefer, i can keep hold of your products until early January as long as you pay for it
  10. All sanitation is in your hands

Stars Make-up Haven Shadow in Divine - used about 3-4 times - £2.00
Mini Size of Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Timothy - used twice - £2.00
Mini Size of Benefit's High Beam - about half left - £2.00
SOLD - Mac Lipstick in Bubbles - used about 10-15 times - £6.00
SOLD - Mac Lipstick in Modesty - used about 3-4 times - £7.00
Mac Dazzleglass Creme in My Favourite Pink - used about 6 times - £6.50
Benefit Her Glossiness Lipgloss in Who Are You Wearing? - about half left - £3.00
Stars Make-up Haven Shadow in Bohemia - used about 3-4 times - £2.00

My Current Storage & Collection

For along time now, i haven't likes my black draws that i used to keep all of my make-up in so I've decided that the only way i will get rid of them and buy something new is if i take all of my make-up out of them. So at the minute everything is being stored in my Soap & Glory hat box :)

I've also added a hyperlink to all of the products that i have reviewed :)


YSL Ever Long Waterproof
Benefit Bad Gal Lash (full)
Benefit Bad Gal Lash (mini)
CoverGirl LashBlast in Very Black
CoverGirl LashBlast in Black Brown
Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit
Maybelline Great Lash


Bourjois Ombre Stretch in Intense Black
Loreal ColorAppeal Holographic in Blue Xenon
StarsMakeupHaven in Divine
StarsMakeupHaven in Bohemia
NYC Color Wheel in Beyond The Sea
Boots 17 Limited Edition in Vintage
Urban Decay in Sin
Boots 17 in Mardi Gras
Mac in Smoke & Diamonds
Mac in Hypnotizing
Mac in Woodwinked

Loose Shadow's

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Kingfisher
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Tan

Eye Liners

Avon Arabian Glow Liner in Turquoise
Avon Arabian Glow Liner in Emerald
Avon Arabian Glow Liner in Gold
Barry M Kohl Liner in Black
Mac Penultimate Liner in Black
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero

Blushers, Bronzer's & Highlighters
Mac Bronzer in Golden
Nars Blusher in Orgasm
Mac Blush in Pink Swoon
Mac Blush in Well Dressed

Foundations & Powders

Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Light Medium
Avon Soft Matte Mousse in Ivory
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory
Benefit You Rebel Lite


Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer
Mac Studio Finish

Primers & Fixers

Mac Fix+
Urban Decay Primer Potion

Mac Lipsticks

Mac Lipstick in Hue
Mac Lipstick in Angel
Mac Lipstick in Nude Rose
Mac Lipstick in Modesty

Other Lipsticks

Rimmel Volume Booster in Clear
Rimmel Rich Moisture in Dreamy
Nyx Round Lipstick in Circe
Nyx Round Lipstick in Frosted Flakes
Nyx Round Lipstick in Orange Soda
Nyx Round Lipstick in Iris
Barry M in 129
Barry M in Touch of Magic

Lip Glosses

Dior Lip Maximizer
Avon Glazewear in Pink A Glow
Urban Decay in Cosmopolitan
Benefit Her Glossiness in Who Are You Wearing?
Mac Dazzleglass Creme in My Favourite Pink
Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker in Candy Gloss
Mac Lipglass in Feeling Dreamy
Barry M in ???

Lip Balm's & Treatments

Body Shop Lip Balm in Watermelon
Body Shop Lip Balm in Passionberry
Nivea Lip Care
Cupcake Lip Balm
Some Spanish Lipbalm
Mac Feelin' Good TLC

Random things i missed out
Burt's Bees
Avon Perfect Wear eyeshadow in Mocha Splash
Avon Perfect Wear eyeshadow in Shimmering Shell
Urban Decay Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly

Weekly Challenge - Week Two

Last weeks challenges went ok, but i know i could have done so much better. I just struggle to stay focused!

1st Challenge: (which will now be called make-up challenge)
I stuck to this challenge which i am really happy about :) i think my favourite days were Monday & Tuesday when i wore Hue and Nude Rose :) I hoping this challenge will mean i get more use out of my modesty lipstick because i learn how to tone it down slightly. I think i will wear Hue for the whole of next week because i like to save Nude Rose because it's LE :(

2nd Challenge: (which will now be called weight loss challenge)
My stupid scales are deciding they don't want to work so i cant weigh myself and work out what i've lost :(

3rd Challenge: (which will now be called language challenge)
I listened to a French, Greek and Spanish podcast this week and am really liking allof the languages :) The French podcast is called Coffee Break French, the Greek podcast is called Greek - SurvivalPhrases and the Spanish podcast is called Coffee Break Spanish

4th Challenge: (which will now be called random challenge)
On Monday i was really disappointed wit myself because i didn't even finish one bottle of water, but since then I've done really well :) and on Wednesday i managed to finish 2 :) I just need to keep at it until i get into a routine on choosing water over cola!

This week's challenges

Make-Up Challenge

To use a different eye shadow everyday for 6 days (because i don't wear make-up on sunday's usually)

Technically, we're not suppose to wear eye shadow for school but i can get away with the neutral colours, i just used the darker ones maybe as a liner or something :)

(L to R) Woodwinked, All That Glitters, Amber Lights

(L to R) Cranberry, Hypnotizing, Smoke & Diamonds

Once I've tried them out over the 6 days I'll decide on my faourite and wear that for the whole 6 days of the next week :)

My Weight Loss Challenge

I think i'm just going to go for 1 pound again because i really does take some adjusting to completely changing the things you eat. A little patisserie in town makes the best BBQ Chicken panini's which i usually get every lunch and now i have to order something completely different.

My Language Challenge

I think i'm just going to listen to another podcast of each language over the next week :) pretty simple really :)

My Random Challenge

I'm going to carry on with the water challenge but this time increase it to at least two bottles. However, a brand new challenge for this week will be to spend less time online. The websites i go on the most are Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Google and Sidereel so my challenge will to be spend 1 hour every night that i am usually online doing something else a little more productive. I'll let you know next week what i did in the 7 hours in total that i wasn't online for :)

My Least Favourites from Screen Actors Guild 2010

Remember that these are just my opinions and if you disagree with me then that's fine :)

Penelope Cruz - It's just so simple and bland almost, she could have done so much more

Samantha Harris - the blue is perfect for the skin tone, the accessories are beautiful, she looks amazing, but the print on the dress looks like foil and i hate it

Mariah Carey - I hate when people wear red on the red carpet, you just blend it rather than stand out

Drew Barrymore - I love everything except the top short skirt, i'm just not feeling it

Christina Hendricks - Again, she wore red so i don't like it, although the dress itself isn't tooo bad

what do you think??