Thursday, 28 October 2010

Some Pictures From My Birthday

Some of you may have been aware that Sunday the 24th was my birthday, so I thought I would show a few pictures from the day of what I got up to ...

I woke up, put on a jumper and opened cards and presents from some people

We then set off for a two hour drive to Doncaster to meet with family for a meal

We arrived at my cousins house, got ready, and headed to the restaurant

I sat next to my nan :)

After dinner they brought out my Birthday cake

And then we had a big family photo :)

Now I posted a picture on Twitter of some blogpost ideas that I had but I would love a little bit of input before I start taking pictures and typing anything up. My Ideas were:
  • Birthday Dinner FOTD
  • My Birthday Presents
  • Halloween Costume
  • Things I bought with my Birthday money
  • Halloween FOTN
  • Presents from my Sisters holiday
I just want to hear how everyone feels about my posting my presents on my blog. I know there were some people at Christmas who didn't like it when others showed what they recieved but I actually really liked seeing what everyone got. If there isn't an interest then I don't mind ... Just let me know :) I will also be doing:
  • Rimmel Primer Review
  • InStyle Magazine Collection
  • Lots of NOTD posts


  1. Aw hope you had a lovely time. I'd like to see what you got! :) xo

  2. Post what you want! It's your blog! Some people will love it, some people won't, but you should be able to post whatever you want.
    I'd love to see what you got for your birthday & your sister, along with the Rimmel primer review :)

  3. I like seeing what presents people have received!

  4. id love to see what you got for your birthday, and what you bought, do what you want to post about, screw the rest! :) xxx

  5. what you got for your birthday!
    everyone likes being nosy ;) x

  6. Aw happy belated birthday! How nice your whole family got together :) I'd love to see the presents you were given/what you got for yourself!

  7. Everything Sounds Fab :) I'm from Doncaster too :) x

  8. I'd like to see what you got!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday <3