Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fake Tan Shopping - I need your help!

Not that long ago, I posted that my current fake tan routine consisted of the super affordable St. Moriz, topped with the Maybelline SunGlow. However, I think it is time for a change.

You see, I have always been pale. For years, I pretty much just embraced it and the only tanning products I would use were perhaps a sweep of bronzer or a little Johnsons Holiday Skin. Then I bought St. Moriz and I think an addiction started. I loved the colour it gave to my skin and how much more confident it made me feel in my clothes.

However, there is always a down side. St. Moriz is horribly patchy when it is time for it to come off. The worst effected areas for me are my arms and my neck, which means I've been wearing a lot of long sleeved tops and scarves recently because no matter how much you scrub, this stuff does not come off until it is ready to itself.

This hasn't however put me off fake tan. I'm desperate to put a little bit of colour back into my skin but I have no idea what to try out next. Here are some of the products I have been tempted by.
  • XenTan Mousse Intense
  • St. Tropez Instant Mousse
  • Superdrug Solait Mousse
I would love to know your opinions on any of these products, or perhaps leave me a link to a review you have done/seen.

As you can see, my preferred formulation is mousse so if you have any other mousse fake tanners you think I should look into, please let me know :)


  1. I'm not a fan of the Solait Superdrug Mousse, it's quite orange and has no colour guide.. The St.Tropez mousse is great though, so is TanSolutions Mousse, TanTruth lotion, Lauren's Way Mousse.. :) x

  2. i have tried St Moriz and St Tropez and would not recommend st tropez. 10000000000% the same product. goes just as patchy!!
    people who say it is better only say that to make their self feel better for wasting £30
    i have heard good thing about the superdrug one so would recommend you trying that!

  3. I love Xen Tan deep bronze luxe .. and it really doesn't smell! I think it would be too dark for you so I'd opt for the normal colouring but I really recommend it & I prefer it more than the st.tropez x :)