Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tag - Summer Besties

I've seen a few people on YouTube do this tag so I thought I would give it a go to show you the kind of products I have been wearing during the slightly warmer weather :)

Best Lip Product - Any Lip Balm
To be honest, any lip balm will do in the summer. I don't really bother with lipsticks or lipglosses because they just seems little too fussy when it is hot. The ones pictured are from Mac and The Body Shop but I also really like Vaseline, Carmex, and, well just anything that keeps my lips moisturizer really :)

Best Blush - Mac Well Dressed
Although many people will say cream blush is the best product to use during the summer, the one ones I own are the Topshop ones which are a cream to powder formula, so they don't really make much difference. However Mac Well Dressed was the first Mac product I ever bought and I think it is perfect for both summer and winter :)

Best Liquid Face Product - Nars Sheer Glow
Although I would love to say "oh, in the summer I love this tinted moisturiser" it's sadly just not true. I don't feel confident enough with my skin to wear something light and sheer so I stick with my Sheer Glow to provide me with a pretty medium coverage and a really nice glow to the skin :)

Best Powder Face Product - Soft & Gentle MSF and Bronzer in Golden
Ok so I may have slightly cheated but these two products looks amazing together. I don't like to wear fake tan on my face so the bronzer helps to match my face to the rest of my body and the MSF just adds a lovely sheen over areas like cheek bones, brow bones and along the nose.

Best Nail Polish - Essie in Sand Tropez
I only recently got this nail polish but the second I applied it, I fell in love with it! It is such a lovely neutral that goes with just about every outfit for every occasion (I even wore it to my prom this year). I think if I get the chance when the weather is nice I will try to post a NOTD post of this polish in natural sunlight. But if you are interested in purchasing it, it is currently on sale at ASOS at the minute here

Best Tanning Product - St Moriz & Maybelline Gradual Tanner
Ok another cheat but I just cant help myself. I like to apply St Moriz every two or three days,and then in between I like the apply the gradual tanner to keep my skin soft and to maintain the colour. And the best thing about these products is that the mousse only cost me £2.99 and the Moisturizer cost me £2.49 :)

Best Eye Product - CoverGirl Lash Blast
This is honestly one of my all time favourite mascara's. I actually prefer the waterproof one during the summer but I have completely ran out of that now :( I am however currently in the process of a swap with the lovely Christine to get my hands on another tube of this mascara before it runs out :)

Best Accessories - Toms
I only got these a few weeks ago but I absolutely love them and practically live in them! I can't want to get them in loads of other colours like white, black and navy (adventurous i know :P) And I also really like the look of the crochet ones for the summer :)

Best Clothing - Denim Shorts
I just think they are really easy to wear with everything and can either be dressed down in the daytime with like toms or converse and a casual t-shirt, or dressed up at night with heels (or wedges in my case because heels are just a no go) and a nice top.

I actually forgot to take a picture of the Best Hair Products, but during the summer it just has to be Batiste :) My favourite scent is the tropical one :)


  1. I got the grey Toms and I've worn them nearly every day since I got them!

  2. i have the same Toms as you! they're so comfy it's ridiculous. I pair them with every outfit now, even when clubbing! x