Sunday, 9 January 2011

COTW - Stonewall

COTW stands for Charity Of The Week as I mentioned in this post, I am planning to donate a small amount of money to a different charity every week over the next year and am hoping some of you may join me. This week I have chosen to donate to Stonewall
Stonewall are a UK based charity that emphasise gay equality. I received an e-mail from them stating what they are going to be working on in the near future:

Equality at school: Homophobic bullying blights the lives of countless young people, in all schools. Over the coming year, through our Education for All campaign, we'll continue our work with young people, teachers and the government to tackle this vital issue, from producing guidance for teachers to holding inspiring events for young LGB people.

Equality in health: Lesbian and gay people often face barriers to the right healthcare. Stonewall is launching a major programme of work to tackle homophobia within the health service, both for patients and staff.

Equality in law: Following Stonewall’s recent successful campaign to secure a new criminal offence of inciting homophobic hatred, our work to secure equal recognition for same-sex parents and their children, through the fertility bill, continues apace. We’re currently lobbying politicians to ensure fairness in public services in the forthcoming Equality Bill.

Equality at work: Our work with employers continues to expand and we'll be launching a new improved version of our guide for employers as well as making initiatives such as our workplace conference, workplace equality index and leadership programme better than ever before. We'll again distribute our Starting Out recruitment guide to all UK universities.

If this sounds like a cause that you would like to get involved in they you can visit their website here where you will also find information on how to make a donation

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  1. what a great cause - i'll read into it! it's very sweet of you to be donating to various charities.. looking forward to more posts of this kind xo