Sunday, 20 September 2009

Avon Solutions Day & Night Total Radiance Cleaners - For Sale

So you may remember a few weeks ago i had a bit of an Avon haul. well it turns out i didn't really end up using most of it so instead of having it sat in my draws i decided i would sell them. Every little helps right :) The first things to go are these:

I think the idea of the Total Radiance range it to put a little bit of colour back into your skin, therefore it's perfect for this time of year. The AM one is a "Refreshing Day Cleanser" and the PM one is a "makeup removing night cleanser". If you ave read some of my other posts you may have seen just how much i love my solutions cleanser & moisturiser so this is definitely a range i would recommend to all of my followers :) They retail for £3.00 each so i will be selling mine at £4.00 for the pair. Postage is £1.50. I only accept PayPal. Leave your paypal e-mail address in a comment if you want to buy them.


  1. How does a blog sale work? I would like to sell some items in the future but i don't know how the money gets transferred and stuff.

  2. i use paypal
    someone leaves their e-mail address in a comment
    then you send them a paypal invoice
    they pay the invoice
    and the money goes into your paypal account

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