Friday, 11 September 2009

My Wonderful Letter From Soap & Glory

a few weeks ago i was reading the box of my S&G Fab Pore face peel and it gave the companies address and said that fan mail was welcome. I am a HUGE fan of S&G and have been for about 3 years so i thought i might as well send them a little letter declaring my love for them and their products. I wasn't 100% sure if i would get a reply because i know big companies are very busy but on Tuesday i got one :)

they basically thanked me for my letter and said they would be happy to hear from me again with any positive or negative feedback. I also asked about an old product that i loved but they told me it had been discontinued. The bottom of their letter also said that S&G have their own facebook page so add them :)

I'm going to write a letter back now just to say thank you :)

1 comment:

  1. it's nice when companies do this.. even if it's something small - and especially if you're a loyal customer! glad to hear they're great people.. i'm going to check their FB out, too :)