Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Favourite Purfume Ever

Don't laugh, its not funny. But my all time favourite perfume is by Mary-Kate & Ashley. i know its not cool but if you ever get the chance to smell this, i think you will understand. It is soo fresh and light and perfect for the daytime. The gift set also comes with a body mist which is perfect to have in your bag and mist throughout the day.

My first bottle is almost all gone :( But i have a back-up :D

This bottle has had alot of love!

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  1. hey sometimes it's stuff like that that becomes my favorite product of all time, too! i've recenty become obsessed with britney spears' midnight fantasy :) but it doesn't have a body mist OR lotion out with it :( nice that you have a matching B.M. for your purse with this one!!