Sunday, 20 September 2009

Foundation Overview

I think, for alot of women foundation is the thing we apply in the working to make our skin look exactly how we want it to look. It's not the most exciting part of out make-up routine, but for most is probably the most important. I will admit i dont own alot of foundation because i want to use up most of a foundation before i buy a new one. Here are my thoughts on some foundation's i own.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

Coverage - 4/5
I think this foundation has a good balance of covering things up that you dont want to be seen whilst still avoiding a cakey feeling. I think if you have some really bad problem areas you would need a concealer with this.

Colour Match - 5/5
Maybelline, to me, always seem to have a really good range of colours in their foundation which is always good for a drugstore brand

Long Lasting - 3/5
If you want this foundation to last all day, use a primer. On the way to school on the bus it looks really good, on the way home, i'd rather not look.

Price - 4/5
I think i got mine for about £7 or something, which to me a really good :)

Total - 16/20

Boots 17 Skin Perfecting Foundation

Coverage - 3/5
The coverage of this foundation is just a abit average. Not amazing, not disastrous. probably really good for someone with quite good skin

Colour Match - 3/5
Again, the colour match for this is just average. The selection is nowhere near a good as a brand like mac or other compatible brands.

Long Lasting - 4/5
I think the long lasting is alot like the Maybelline one. Use a primer!

Price - 4/5
I think is like £6. not too bad :)

Total - 14/20

Avon Mousse Foundation

Coverage - 4/5
The fact that this is a mousse means it has a really nice build able coverage

Colour Match - 4/5
Avon are really good with their range of col
ours. I would deffo recommend checking them out if your struggle finding a perfect colour.

Long Lasting - 5/5
One of the best i have tried. It's a shame it makes me skin look dry and flakey!

Price - 2/5
I think this is like £8-£10. but the tub will last you months, its just it didnt really look good on my skin so i wouldn't pay it again

Total - 15/20

Avon Color Trend Liquid Foundation

Coverage - 2/5
I think the coverage is so low because the brand is aimed at young teenagers, and they shouldnt be caked in make-up

Colour Match - 2/5
You cant really expect much from a brand aimed at young girls.

Long Lasting - 3/5
Pretty average, i would only wear this if i was nipping somewhere, never for a full day or night

Price - 4/5
From what i can remember, its less than £5

Total - 11/20

So the Winner is ...

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation


  1. i'm always looking for new foundation and i just picked up rimmel's stay matte liquid foundation and it's amazing! i was using the dream satin liquid before & im totally replacing it with this stuff. check it out!