Saturday, 12 September 2009

NYFW Spring.Summer 2010: L.A.M.B.

This is probably my favourite collection so far, mainly because LAMB hasn't usually interested me all that much! But some of these pieces are made with fabrics that drape so well and i love them :) There's a good range of garments so the collection doesn't just seem like a repeat of the same clothes with minimal changes. Everything has a nice young feel to it and i remember Gwen Stefani saying she would only design something she would wear, and i could see her in all of these :)

The Beautiful Gwen Sefani!

how fabulous are those colours?!?!
can't beat a bit of leopard print!
i love ORANGE

These two are probably my favourite


  1. I like that one above your favourites!

  2. OOOOH. I don't usually like LAMB but these are good!
    Especially the third one down with all the colours. And you're right, sometimes you can't beat a bit of leopard print can you? X