Thursday, 15 April 2010

It seems as though I spoke too soon ...

My post yesterday said that i wanted to go out and buy all of the other products from Tesco's Vitamin E range. We'll today i got a phone call whilst i was in town telling me that my parents were off to the super big Tesco Extra which is about an hour away. This was the result of the trip ...

Yesterday i showed you:
  • The Face Scrub
  • The Cleanser
  • The Facial Wash
  • The Cleansing Wipes
And then today I picked up:
  • The Toner
  • The Eye Make-up Remover
  • The Moisturiser
  • The Night Cream
So this means i now have even more things to review for you :). I also saw the Neutrogena invigorating scrub that I have been wanted to pick up for ages but I resisted because I think I should probably get through some of these first :P


  1. Ooh can't wait for your reviews of these!! Have never tried any of the Vitamin E range from Tesco! :)

    Natalie xx

  2. I can't believe how cheap that stuff is, I might try it out :)

  3. I've tried the face wash before and loved it. Can't wait for the reviews on the rest of the products! :)

  4. I love the vitamin e face wipes- can't believe they are 27p! x

  5. OMG such bargains! Gotta check some of these out. X