Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tesco's Vitamin E Range

On Monday night, I went driving with my dad and ended up at Tesco's :) Whilst shopping for tooth paste, I check out the Vitamin E range I have heard so much about. The wipes were 28p (I think) and all the bottles of product were 72p so I just picked up everything they had, it's not like a huge loss if they don't work out.

I got:
  • The Face Scrub
  • The Cleaner
  • The Facial Wash
  • 25 Cleansing wipes
and then I went onto the Tesco's website and found they also sell:
  • Vitamin E Eye Make-up Remover
  • Vitamin E Facial Toner
I really want to try these two products out as well so I'll either get my mum to add them to her basket next time she make an online order, or just keep checking back at the store to see if they get more stock

I'm showing you these products now instead of in my monthly haul because I'm going to be trying them out over the next two week and doing reviews on them. And then if i continue to use them and something changes after the two weeks I'll do an update.

So far I'm impressed with what I have used and am interested to try out some other cheap skincare from other supermarkets :) are there any that you have tried that you think are worth looking into??


  1. Yeah they have a Vitamin E Night Moisturising cream which is really good! Its in a little round tub. Its good for sensitive skin :) x

  2. The wipes are great, ive been using them for ages now! xx

  3. Ohh please do a review I'd love to know if these are any good because I cant really afford to buy dead expensive sets so this would be pretty perfect for me. Good old tesco :) xx

  4. Aldi have some really good stuff. I really rate their hand creams and body lotions x

  5. tesco's also do a myface skin care range which i use to swear by, but kind of moved on now. its specializes in teenage skin xx