Friday, 23 April 2010

Tag - Likes, Loves & Hates

The beautiful Phoebe tagged me for this and I will admit a lot of the time when people tag me for things I forget to do them but this one I really liked the sound of.

You have to list 12 things you like, 1 thing you love, 8 things you hate and then tag 3 people. These are my answers:

The 12 Likes
  1. I like cities. I've never really felt settled with the idea of living in the countryside for the rest of my life.
  2. I like stand up comedy. I once dribbled at a Rhod Gilbert joke because i was laughing so much i couldn't close my mouth :) It was easily the best feeling in the world.
  3. I like American TV shows. Especially Grey's Anatomy, 90210, Gossip Girl, Nurse Jackie, Scrubs, The OC, Big Bang Theory, House, ANTM, The City, The Hills, Glee, Greek and HIMYM.
  4. I like driving. I always thought it would take me ages to learn and I would be too scared to do it properly, but I don't think I'm too bad :)
  5. I like make-up. but i think that might have been obvious :)
  6. I like fashion design. At the minute (and for the past 6 years) it has been what i want to study at university
  7. I like the summer weather, but the winter fashion. I just love wearing scarfs and gloves :)
  8. I like fashion magazines. A lot! I just don't know how much space i have left to keep collecting them
  9. I like having money. I like the freedom it provides :)
  10. I like shopping in big make-up rooms in department stores. Just being surrounded by make-up and people who love make-up is a great feeling. I think my favourite is Selfridges in London!
  11. I like Chinese food. I could eat it forever :)
  12. I like the Internet. I think it's the best thing ever invented :)

The 1 Love
  1. I love Brian. Yes, Brian is my cat and i would quite happily become a crazy cat lady for him :)
The 8 Hates
  1. I hate racism. Seriously NOTHING pisses me off more. It makes me sick!
  2. I hate horror films. Why would you watch something that you know is going to mess with your head??
  3. I hate that i'm not yet old enough to vote. I really want Labour to win the election :)
  4. I hate being ignored ... but
  5. I also hate being bothered when i want to be left alone
  6. I hate when people get involved with shit that does not involve them or does not need their input. If you seek drama then you deserve everything bad that you get. Just learn to keep you stupid mouths SHUT! :)
  7. I hate the sea, which is crazy because i like like 100 metres from the sea. But seeing pictures of the ocean makes me cry. I just cannot handle it. They scare the crap out of me. I cant really explain it. It's just the thought of being stuck in the middle of the sea :S
  8. I hate how long this post took to write. It's really difficult to think of the things i like love and hate. But i know i say "i love" and "i hate" about a million times a day!

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  1. Ha i can pretty much see the sea fro my house...guess you wouldnt like it :p