Saturday, 3 April 2010

March Favourites

This month we have some old favourites, some brand new items and some recently rediscovered beauty's :)

Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep effect foundation: this was in last months and i put it in here too because I'm just using it so often.

Ralph Lauren Hot Perfume: I've had this for about 3-4 years and only just found it again since i swapped rooms back in like January. I forgot just how much i love it :)

Mac TLC in Feelin' Good: This smells sooo good! but after using it pretty much all month I'm convinced it's drying my lips out :( so I'm switching back to other lip balms over the next month

Calvin Klein concealer pen: This gives the same kind of glowy/dewy effect as the bourjois foundation :) and its really light and i love it :)

Boots 17 Blush in Bramble Frost: possible the best £3.50 I've spent in a while. I've got so much use out of this i really want to go and check out some of the other colours.

Max Factor Eye Shadow in Burnt Bark: great for every day. great for a smokey evening look. and if i remember correctly i got it on sale for 99p :)

Collection 2000 Hot Look nail polish in Dynasty: easily my favourite pastel at the minute :)

YSL EverLong Mascara: This was also in last months but I've just been using it more than any of my others.


  1. i love the collection 2000 nail polish colour!
    great pics xx

  2. I love dynasty is very pretty colour! great for the spring-summer season!!

  3. lovee bramble frost!! is in my march faves too :)

  4. Ooh might have to try some of those out :)