Thursday, 8 April 2010

Preparing For Summer

It's stating to get to that time of year again when we pack away the cosy jumpers and snuggly scarfs in preparation for the warmer temperatures. This is just a little post on some of the things i find essential for summer :)


I always exfoliate with a sugar scrub before i apply fake tan just as an added guarantee that it will apply smoothly and dry with as few streaks and patches as possible. My favourite scrub is Soap & Glory's Flake Away :)

Then we have the actual tanning. The product on the left is Soap & Glory's Glow Job which i tend to use on my face as it is a moisturiser with little tanning beads that burst and provide the colour. It's a really light easy product to use.

The next is Rimmel's Sun Shimmer which is the only actual fake tan i have ever used, and i like it soo much I'm in no rush to change, although i wouldn't mind trying St Moriz. I find that on first application the shimmer can be a little OTT but if you apply it and then sleep on it, most of the glitter disappears and the colour stays :)

The final is Johnson's Holiday Skin which is a gradual tanner. I've gone through a lot of bottles of this stuff because i find it works so well, although i have heard that Dove's gradual tanner is better. I tend to apply this throughout the winter as well as it provides quite a natural colour.

Here are swatches of all three products
(From L to R) S&G Glow Job, Rimmel Sun Shimmer, Johnson's Holiday Skin

The Bronzers

The product on the left is Boots 17 bronzing powder in Light. It has clearly been very loved and is perfect for a natural day time bronzed look. It appears to be slightly more pink toned to the mac one and much much cheaper.

The Product on the right is Mac's Bronzing Powder in Golden which can be built up to give quite a deep bronzed colour for the night or very lightly dusted for the day. I find i cant use this all over the face because there is far too much glitter and shimmer in it but it's lovely on the cheeks.

Here are some Swatches

(Top to Bottom) Mac in Golden, Boots 17 in Light

The Protection
It is sooo important to protect yourself in the sun so i try to keep these kind of products with me at all times! Sun cream is essential because even though i am only 17 i am really not looking forward to wrinkly skin and want to try and avoid it for as long as naturally possible.

Then there is a lip balm with SPF. The pictured product is macs TLC in Feelin' Good but there are loads of other products to choose from that pretty much do the same thing.

And then there are sunglasses, not only do they make you look SUPER COOL! they also help to protect yours eyes and keep hair out of you face (when you pull them to the top of your head).


Just To Make You Look Good

And now down to the beauty products that i think are perfect for summer:

Waterproof Mascara. The only waterproof mascara i own is this YSL everlong one and i love it :) Waterproof is essential for me in the summer because who knows when you are going to have a random water fight?

Pastel nail polishes. If you have read this post then you will understand

MSF's. I'm thinking they will just add a pretty glow in the summer which the sun will pick up nicely :)

Dry Shampoo. In heat, my hair gets oily a lot faster so i tend to keep some dry shampoo with me.

What are your summer essentials??


  1. Great post :) I cant wait for summer! XO

  2. I am in love with pastel nails so much right now!!! you have a good collection going :) xxx

  3. how long does the rimmel sun shimmer color last?? i have been thinking about trying it.. e-mail me if you can ( .. and i wish they had batiste in the US! I can't find it over here :(

  4. I totally agree with you on all the products :)
    I LOVE the Soap & Glory Flake away, it's amazing! Tempted to try the glow job aswell.

    Great post :)

  5. Lovely post! I love getting all set for summer, just wish it would last longer! xx