Thursday, 1 July 2010

Things I'm Loving From ... Liberty27

I only recently found out about this store and after having a quick browse i really like the look of it. These are some of my favourite pieces:

Braided Gold Strap Leather Sandals - $42.00 (approx £28.00)
Leopard Romper - $49.99 (approx £33.00)
Flower Lace Sweatshirt - $29.99 (approx £20.00)
Lace Wing Shirt Dress - $45.00 (approx £30.00)

What do you think of these things?
Have you done any Liberty27 hauls recently? If you have, leave me a link in the comments so i can have a nosey :)


  1. Like the look of this store, will have to add it to the list of things for my brother to brign home!

  2. This store seem to have some nice stock! I love the look of the leopard romper. xx