Tuesday, 30 March 2010

London Trip - i really do need your advise

I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter you will know that in about a week i am going to London for two days for my sisters birthday. We are spending the first day just doing general sightseeing and going to see the Lion King because it's only her second time properly visiting the city. Then on the second day we are hitting Oxford Street:

now this is where you come in! I have a RIDICULOUSLY long wish list of make-up i want to get whilst I'm there but 1. i don't have enough money to get it all and 2. even if i did, there are other things i want to buy whilst I'm there. so i will now list some of the things i am interested in and if you have any opinions on them please let me know! or if you have written a review for anything could you possibly leave me a link in the comments??

Bourjois Healthy Mix
Clinique Super Moisture
Clinique Even Better
Georgio Armani Luminous Silk
Korres Wild Rose
Nars Sheer Glow
Revlon Colour Stay
Revlon Photo Ready
YSL Teint Resist

Illamasqua in Sonnet
YSL Rouge Volupte in 1 & 2
YSL Rouge Pur in 148

Benefit Coralista
Benefit Dandelion
Bobbi Brown Powder Blushes
Illamasqua in Katie
Mac in Style
Nars Cream Blush in Penny Lane

Eye Shadows:
Shu Uemura shadows in general
Nars Duo in Honolulu
Mac in Satin Taupe
Mac in Sable
Illamasqua in Bronx

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

So it all honesty, what is worth checking out and what isn't?? I really do need your help :)
also, please keep your fingers crossed for my that the trains don't go on strike on the days i am travelling :)



  1. If you only buy one thing, make it the YSL Rouge Pur 148. It's my favourite ever and there are some swatches on my blog. Ironically, I bought mine in London too :) The Rouge Volupte's are gorgeous too. I've gone off Revlon's colourstay but have loved it for a year xx

  2. I would save some money and buy some of your items on www.cosmetics-skincare.com and it is genuine stuff. I know they have the UD Big fatty mascara and they did have Mac Style, their stock changes all the time, the owner said they're getting new stock at the beginning of april,

    Just to save yourself a bit of money!

    Otherwise, I'd give colourstay a miss, I find it really really heavy and hard to blend. I like healthy mix, it's light and nice for summer.

    I have dandelion and have coralista in the powderazzi compact. Dandelion is nice but dupable with any light pink blush. Coralista is beautiful though. I'd go for coralista over style. Style takes more blending to not look orange!

    And sable is gorgous!

    Have fun,

    Laura xx


  3. There is a review of the Korres Wild Rose powder on my blog, just click the Korres tag and it will come up :)

    I've heard that UD big fatty isn't that good and that the Colossal works better than that.

    What I would suggest is checking out swatches online of the products first so that you have a better idea.

    Another thing you could do is decide which shops you want to buy the items from, e.g. all the high end stuff from Selfridges and all the high street stuff from Boots. That would save you some time :)


  4. id say check out cosmetics-skincare.com if theyr gna restock in a coupla days cos its genuine

    and they selll ud big fatty mascara

    and also u should go to carpisa which i really like for buying handbags....its really reasonable but also lovely stuff x

  5. I've heard bad things about Healthy Mix.

    I have both Dandelion and Coralista - for me, both are must haves and my go to blushes, along with By Candlelight by MAC. Both extremely cool for paler skins.