Monday, 29 March 2010

The Month In Covers - April

This month, as you can see by the picture, was slightly disappointing on the magazine front. The shop i usually get my American Elle and Teen Vogue from didn't have it stocked so i think im going to have to be searching eBay for those and i dont have my nylon yet because my uncle gets it for me and i haven't seen him yet.

I quite like the orange for this time of year and the dress that Anna Friel is wearing is really pretty. Overall it's not a disaster but its not perfect.

I could stare at this dress for ages. It's jut so pretty :) and i quite like Amanda Seyfried's eyes :)It's very pretty! Oh and glamour came with a free gift this month!! :D

LOVE IT! There really isn't much more to say, it's just original and current and i love it :)

Vanity Fair
Boring :( I really dont care for it at all. Some of the stories inside however were very good :)

Kate Moss gets put on the cover of British Vogue way too much! Like seriously, i don't even think shes that special anymore.

Harper's Bazaar
I really like this :) Megan Fox is BEAUTIFUL!

Marie Claire
You cant really see too much of the detail of this dress on this picture but it is amazing and i love it! I think the picture in general is really pretty and Diane's make-up looks really good :) This magazine also came with a free gift :)

The Free Gifts!
Glamour - James Brown Scandalous Moisturising Shampoo (you could also get a conditioner and a conditioning treatment i think)
Marie Claire - Neal's Yard Power Berry Daily Moisture


  1. Awww we never have free gifts with Glamour here in Quebec! Only boring magazines come with free gifts, as if it was a way of making us buy the magazines LOL.

    Why don't you subscribe to magazines you have a hard time finding where you live? That's what I did because Cosmo was too hard to find in Quebec (and yes, it costs me A LOT in subscription)

    I like that Megan Fox doesn't appear to be wearing lots of makeup (like I'm used to see her) on the cover of Harper's Bazaar.

    That's a nice post, never saw it on another blog before! (=

  2. Ohh i love my magazines!
    when will the may ones officially be out?

  3. i tagged you in an award on my blog! loveee xox