Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Review: China Glaze polish in Ravishing, Dahling

China Glaze Nail Polish
in Ravishing, Dahling

Cost: I think Emily got them for about $5-6

My Thoughts: I think China Glaze might just be my new favourite nail polish brand :) seriously i love everything about them. I just hate that they are so difficult to get over here :( The colour is a beautiful classic bright red. The picture above shows two coats. It dries quickly, is lovely to apply and simple to remove when needed :)

Where you can buy:
i got this in an international swap because China Glaze is difficult to get in the UK

Would i re-purchase: yes :) i cant wait to try out more of the colours!

Overall score: 9/10

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  1. Gorgeous colour, so shiny as well. I've never really paid much attention to China Glaze before but now I really want to try some! x

  2. the colour looks fab!!! Once i'm back home (near stores that sell it) I'll be sure to pick up more for another swap! xo