Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Many Accounts

I think i have a problem. Whenever i hear about some form of social networking or picture uploading site, i have to join it. And then within about two weeks i completely forget about it. So i have set myself a goal to update all of the sites i am apart of every day :) And i wanted to give you the opportunity to follow my progress.


I plan to upload some form of random picture every day that pretty much sums up my day. For example, today, i posted a picture of me with my exam results paper. This is my account:

I only got this tonight and currently have nothing on their because I want to think of the best way to use it. I was thinking of seven different picture topics every week. Something like an outfit post every friday, a good film every wednesday etc. but im not sure yet. Follow my progress at

This is actually something i use every day. I love my GMail! and i love recieving e-mails from all of you lovely people! sending me an e-mail is the easiest way for me to answer any questions you have!! my e-mail address is

I am relatively new to ping but i love it all ready :) it is an iTouch & iPhone app. if you want to ping me my username is abbieandbrian!

I currently have a folder of over 600 picture on my computer that i love and that i am slowly uploading to Tumblr. I'm adding about 3-4 pictures every day so keep an eye on it and follow me :)

Kind of like Dailybooth, but these pictures will probably have more to do with things make-up and my blog rather than general life :)

Which brings me to my BIGGEST online addiction Twitter. Honestly if you want to just generally chat add me on twitter! i reply to everyone who asks questions, or just says hi :) Also, if you are a twitter addict i would suggest downloading Tweetdeck ... its fabulous!

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  1. Cool Post I might do one of these :) Ive just sent you an email as I see you like them lol xx