Friday, 12 March 2010

Review: Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation

Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation
in Apricote Clair (71)

Cost: about £8.99 ... really depends where you get it

My Thoughts: The first thing i noticed about this foundation in the smell. It is a very sweet, almost fruity kind of baby powder smell. I really like it :) It is a vast improvement on the Mac SFF smell! Another thing i noticed very early was the consistency of the foundation. It is the most runny one i have ever tried which means that it is also very sheer. It almost feels like a watered down foundation. However the coverage is very nice. I would say it is light-medium. but maybe more on the medium side of things. I don't feel like i have to wear concealer with it. It is also one of my longest lasting foundations that i've ever tried. It has a pump which i love and it is one of the bust pumps i have used. It pumps out the perfect amount of foundation.

Where you can buy:
Some Supermarkets

Would i re-purchase: I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect foundation, so at the moment i'm not repurchasing any foundations. But if i wan't on a hunt, then yes i would :)

Overall Score: 9/10

Other Pictures

The Pump
Without Foundation
With Foundation


  1. Wow! That makes such a difference, gorgeous!
    I love bourjois' new one, have you considered it on your hunt yet? haha
    Great review hun x

  2. hmm i've always wanted to try this to save my mac foundation a bit, i always end up swatching it but i'm so not sure! i have combination skin so im not sure how it would suit? this was a great review, really insightful. would you recommend it?
    im new to your blog but i loves it, looking forward to reading more xoxox