Saturday, 4 July 2009

Prom Panic

Prom is in 6 days and i'm totally crapping it!
  • My dress is too small around my boobs because i'm completely out of proportion on my chest areas so i need a strapless bra that makes boobs smaller! can you get bra's to make your boobs smaller??
  • My hair dresser is fully booked so i can't get it properly styles and cut and i don't really trust anyone else with my hair.
  • I haven't actually bought my ticket yet
  • I have no idea how i'm getting there or getting back (im going earlier than most people because i'm getting the room ready and i'm not staying in the hotel because i have work in the morning)
  • I don't have any shoes yet! and i'm really fussy so i don't know if i will have time to get any :S
  • I have no idea how to do my make-up or what colour to paint my nails
I'm so worried that everything is ust going to go wrong :( but i have no one to blame but myself, i'ce be soo laid back with everything thinking that prom is ages away and now it's less than a week!

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