Sunday, 5 July 2009

Prom Panic Update

Since i posted my prom panic post I've been able to really see the problems and try and fix them :)

  • The dress is still a problem that needs solving :S
  • I think i can do my hair myself or get my sister to have a go
  • I've paid for mine and my dates tickets (don't worry, he's paying me back!)
  • I'll probably get a lift there with the other girls who are getting the room ready and then get changed and stuff in their room. Not sure if I'm going clubbing after or going straight home :S
  • I've found some shoes on next that my mums ordering (i don't really like them but desperate times call for desperate measures)
  • I'm gonna browse through YouTube for prom make-up idea's because i know load's of people post them.
The Shoes:

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