Friday, 3 July 2009

The Summer Essential's

To me summer means two things. Short's & Sun. And therefore i need products that make these two things work well for me.

My skin is naturally quite pale so if i want to wear short i have to use fake tan. Everyone seems to have their own personal favourite and even though i have only ever tried two different ones in my whole life i think i've found mine. Its the Rimmel Sun Shimmer in light. It's wash off so if it goes wrong it's not around for long and and like £5 a tube so its lovely and cheap.

Sun also sadly means sweat which mean my hair get's greasy in double the time so i can't live without Batiste dry shampoo. At the minute i'm using the original because it was the only one the shop had but i've tried the tropical one and loved the smell and tried the blush one and hated the smell. I really want to try the new Boho one ASAP.

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  1. Oh I totally can not live without my Batiste dry shampoo!!! Its amazinggggggg! :D Great post!