Thursday, 9 July 2009

My Least Favourite's ... Tag

Every one's always raving about their new favourite lip gloss or foundation, but i think us ladies need to be warning each other of the products to stay far away from. Obviously everything is down to your own opinion and how your own skin/body reacts to the product's but here are the thing's i wouldn't recommend or re-purchase.

The Blush
Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud

I like the fact that this is only £1.95 and i get boot's points when i buy it but i don't think the colour pay off is really worth it :(

The Highlighter
Collection 2000 Shimmer & Shade in 3 Just Peachy!

I think this product is really pretty but to get a good result i feel like i really have to scrape my brush into the product :( which is a shame because i was hoping it would be a good!

The Illuminating Concealer
Avon Invisible Light Concealer in Light

This just wont show up on me for some reason :S i cant get it to work :(

The Lipstick

Stila Lipcolor in Laurel

I love the colour of this lipstick and the consistency is really nice but it tastes DISGUSTING!! i hate having it on my lips because i feel like a can taste it in my mouth!

The Mascara

Avon Astonishing Lengths Mascara

The brush on this mascara seems to be made of really stiff plastic and i find it really difficult to work with. The mascara itself isn't too bad.

The Lip Gloss
N.Y.C. Liquid Lipstick in 430A Kayla

Could this be any thicker?? i find it too sticky and thick which is annoying because i really like the packaging :S

The Foundation

Beauty UK Foundation Mousse in no. 3

When i first got into make-up i wanted to try a mousse foundation and this is the one i got. It's gross! i've never left the house with it on because it's soo difficult to blend and get a good coverage with.

If you disagree with any of this please let me know so i can give the stuff another try and maybe get it too work for me

I tag all of my followers and anyone else who comes across my blog and wants to give it a go :)

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  1. I keep my mascara brushes from old mascaras, & now if I hate a brush, I can replace it with one I like ;). Like I did with my Pucci Guerlain mini. Worst brush ever :-/. I switched it with my mini Clinique.