Saturday, 18 July 2009

I think i'm addicted to TV

seriously, its kinda annoying. while i write this i've got an episode of greek playing in the background i used to watch most of the shows i like and to catch up on previous series i've missed. I think the reason i watch so much TV is because all of the show's have a lovable character (LC). At the minute i'm watching:
  • Greek - LC = Cappie
  • Scrubs - LC = Dr Cox
  • Ugly Betty - LC = Daniel Meade
  • 90210 - LC = Silver
  • Sex and the City - LC = Miranda
  • Lipstick Jungle - LC = Kirby
  • Grey's Anatomy - LC = Izzie
  • House - LC = Dr House
  • Gossip Girl - LC = Chuck
  • The OC - LC = Seth Cohen
On a daily basis. it's ridiculously time consuming but soooo addictive. I think Greek is probably my favourite at the minute because i love Cappie :)

i really want to know your favourite shows, in a hope that it gives us something to talk about, or gets me addicted to something new :)

Let me Know :D

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