Friday, 3 July 2009

My Barry M Collection

Barry M is probably my favourite make-up brand because of the colour choice and the amazingly low price. I think more emphasis on their foundations and other face products could make a new change because everything else they sell seems to get amazing reviews from most people. So basically this is what i have from their brand:

The Nail Paints
I forgot to but the navy one in the big picture

Their nail paints are probably my favourite product they sell because the colours are amazing and for £2.95 you can't really ask for much more :D My first ever Barry M purchase was a bright orange nail paint :)

The Lip Paints

When i first saw the genius green to pink magic lipstick i fell in love :) even though the colour doesn't suit me at all i still love it. The only other two i have i use a lot even thought i think one it too dry and one is a little too bold. I guess i just have bad colour choice.

The Glossy Tubes

I bought the larger two and love them. I got the smaller two free in a magazine ages ago and i don't love them, but i do love their smell :)

Eye Kohl Pencils

The colour pay off of these pencils are probably the best i have ever tried and the price is equally amazing :)

Dazzle Dusts

I don't use these enough because i tend to do my make-up in a rush and loose eyeshadow takes a steady hand and a lot of patience. But i really like the ones i have and wish i could use them more.

Fine Glitter Dusts

The glitter in these are a little too chunky for them to be worn in the day but for the night their really nice!

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