Thursday, 9 July 2009

Lincoln Haul ... Again

Ok well my prom is on Saturday so me and my Friend Josh made a last minute dash to Lincoln the other day because i needed shoes and a bag and he needed a whole suit. Luckily we both got what we went for :)

I got this bag in primark for £6 because it was the only bag i could find that would be big enough to carry everything i want to take with me, and i'm sure i'll use it again.

I got these shoes from Evans which isn't usually a place i shop, but i was returning a pair of leggings for my mum and decided to check out the shoe section while i was there. These were in the sale for £7 down from £30 :) and the heel isn't too high which is good because I'm really bad at walking in heels.

I've always wanted to try Vitamin Water but never found a bottle of it in any shops near me, so when i saw it in boots i grabbed the lemonade one and OMG! it's delish :)

I got the Barry M nail paint and the Maybelline foundation in Superdrug and then the Two Natural Collection items in Boots.


  1. ohmygod. i love vitamin water, i basically live off it x

  2. I live of vitamin water atm! Try the reddish one, i think its rasperry and apple - its my favourite.