Friday, 17 July 2009

Magazine Collection

I'm sure i've mentioned in previous posts that i collect fashion magazines and hope to have a career in fashion in the future. I can't travel anywhere without one and have been caught in many lesson's reading then rather than doing the work.

They take up far too much space but i would never get rid of them or hide them away in boxes. The top shelf contains Vogue, Harpers and Elle. The bottom shelf contains marie claire, glamour, nylon, American Elle and Instyle. I wish some of these magazines were easier to get. I haven't had Harpers since about March and no American Elle since January. The closest place that sells them is about half an hour drive away. I get Nylon sent over from America to the newsagent my uncle works in and then he sends it to me, he lives 2 hours away!! But any effort that it takes to get them is 100% worth it.

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