Monday, 17 May 2010

Review: Essie Nail Polish in Van D'Go

Essie Nail Polish
in Van D'Go

Cost: £8.95 but i got mine for £5 from Jo :)

My Thoughts: I was never very keen on the idea of paying nearly £9 for a nail polish but always liked the look of some of the Essie colours. The second Jo said on Twitter she had Van D'Go for sale for £5 i jumped at the chance to get it :) I'm 100% happy i did and now i have tried this i think they are worth the £8.95 price tag! The colour is perfect for spring and i already received compliments on it just on the first day of wearing it :)

Where you can buy: The only place i know of is ASOS so i would advise heading to google!

Would i re-purchase: Yes :) I'm interested in other colours and would possibly buy a back-up of this

Overall Score: 8/10


  1. I haven't tried Essie polishes yet, might give them a go! xx

  2. Gorgeous colour hun! I've never tried Essie polishes either, but like you, there are lots of colours I like the look of! You've made me want them even more haha xx