Saturday, 1 May 2010

Spain Haul

If you follow me on twitter you may know that my mum has just spent the last week in Spain with my grandparents and my aunty. I wasn't expecting any presents, so i was VERY pleasantly surprised to receive all of this:

First was two issues of Nylon, because she went on holiday with my aunty who's husband gets Nylon for me because he works at a newsagents :)

Whenever i go to a foreign country i always try to pick up some fashion magazines while i'm there. o when my mum was in Spain she get me Spanish Glamour, Elle & Vogue :) These will all be included in my next "The Month In Covers" post!

You may not know this, but Zara is a Spanish brand, so obviously the selection of clothes is so much bigger in Spain and the prices are considerably cheaper :) Firstly my mum got me this really cute loose t-shirt with a little zip pocket:)

I then got a little kind of dusty pink vest

and a little grey cropped vest
which she bought because they were worn together on a model instore and she thought it looked really nice

and then a new bag which i am currently using for school which i love :)

And then these were actually the only things i had asked for. They are my favourite lip balms and the only place i know where to get them is in the spanish airport she flew back from :) I wasn't expecting to get four so this was a very nice surprise! From left to right we have orange, peach, strawberry and vanilla. I think the orange one is my favourite :)


  1. Love the clothing pieces you got! And the covers of all those mags look gorgeous. x

  2. Great stuff, I especially love the shirt and the vest together... your mom is nice!!!

  3. I love all the clothes you got! And that bag is soo cute! Great haul darling xx

  4. Ohhhh jealous! I love Zara so going to a big one in Spain would be heaven - I love the bag.

  5. I love the lip balms packaging! I'm going to spain in 4 days, do u know where can I buy them? in what kind of store? drugstores-department stores/???
    Spain is the best place for shopping!!!