Friday, 21 May 2010

Review: Avon Arabian Glow Eye Liners

Avon Arabian Glow Eye Liners
in Deep Purple, Intense Copper, Turquoise, Emerald and Gold

Cost: £6 each

My Thoughts: These are my favourite cream liners :) I bought Gold, Turquoise and Emerald last year in the summer and then when it got to winter they were discontinued :( but they brought them back this summer with new colours. So far i have two of the new ones but i plan to buy the others very soon :) The colours are very vibrant and last a good about of time! I know a lot of people swear by Urban Decays 24/7 liners but i think these are just as good and much cheaper!

Where You Can Buy: An Avon Rep, The Avon Website, or if you would like, you could e-mail me and i can get them for you and post them to you :)

Would i re-purchase?: Without a doubt :) I'm temped to maybe buy some back-up's in case they change the colours again next summer or don't bring them back :(

Overall Score: 9/10

The Close Up's
My three original ones

My two new ones

(From L to R)
Turquoise, Emerald, Gold, Intense Copper, Deep Purple


  1. ooooh the swatches look gorgoues! I've umm'd and aaa'd about these quite a few times, what are they like for staying power on the water line?? :) xx

  2. @ Katy Wilko - it will last a few hours, but i dont have too much experience as i dont often wear them on my waterline ... i'd say about 3-4ish hours

  3. These look really pretty! I especially like the purple one!