Monday, 3 May 2010

The Month in Covers - May

This month i feel like i have way more magazines than usual. Also, I have officially ran out of room for them on my shelves :S so i'm a little stuck for storage at the minute! I am also thinking of doing an update to this post, but i might wait until 25th August to do it so it's like exactly a year later :) I'm not sure yet ... let me know what you think!

Meh i don't really think this cover is anything special, and i'm not really a Billie Piper fan

Teen Vogue
Ok, What the hell did they do to Miley's hair?? I HATE IT! it just looks so flat and i don't think it suits her face shape at all!

Harper's Bazaar
I love this :) I think the whole kind of sunset gold theme is perfect for a cover with Jennifer Aniston on it!

American Elle
I don't like Taylor Swift and i dont like this dress she is in so this really isn't a stand out cover for me :(

Marie Claire

I like this :) I think all of the women looks really nice

A little plain to be honest, the dress could have been better!

Very summery which is nice :) I think maybe a little less eye liner would have looked better on Gwyneth though

Love this! but remember the top she is wearing, it appears again later on :)

Vanity Fair
I never really got into Grace Kelly, i always liked Audrey Hepburn more, but i guess this is cool!

Spanish Glamour
Cute :)

Nylon (march issue)
I think i'm going off Nylon now, it just doesn't really appeal to me any more :(

Nylon (April issue)
same comment as above i'm afraid :(

Spanish Vogue
See, she's wearing the same top as Demi on British Elle! I think i prefer it on Demi in all honesty :P

Spanish Elle
I quite like this. The necklaces are sooo pretty and it's pretty unusual to have a picture like this on the cover of a magazine, so i like it's originality :)


  1. Oh my goodness, Miley looks so different!

  2. I have so many magazines! I have no idea where to put them anymore. Think i might be taking a trip to the recycling bank :) xx

  3. thanks for the information Abbie!
    wish me luck! haha

  4. Would love to see an updated, year on thing! I love being able to see soo many magazines at once!