Saturday, 15 May 2010

Topshop Make Up Haul

Are you sick of seeing what everyone has bought from the new Topshop launch yet?? I'm not :)

I only picked up one item because I ordered online when Topshop were offering free delivery. I got the blush in Flush.

It's a very pretty bright pink (possibly with the tiniest undertone of orange/peach??) which blends out to a really pretty natural pink. Everyone seemed to be buying Neon Rose but when saw Holly review this, I knew this colour would suit me better!

when I first bought it, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, so I have included a picture next to a mac blush so you can kind of compare the size if you are also ordering online before checking them out in store.
I couldn't really get a good swatch because of lighting, but it's a really pretty colour. A lot of people have said the Topshop blushes are really the stand out products from the whole collection, so i'm glad it was my first purchase :)

There are still loads of other things i want to pick up, especially from the spring/summer line before it gets discontinued (i think it's on sale for 3 months before the next one) so let me know if you have bought something you really like!

What have you been buying from Topshop??


  1. Nothing yet but Neon Rose and Flush are on my current lust lists - thinking I'm going to trundle along to my local Topshop and see if they've got them in :)

  2. This is the one item I really want to pick up from the topshop make up range :) XO

  3. I bought Neon Rose and I love it. I'm glad I chose to get a blush first. I really want the nail polish in Nice n Neutral and the lipstick in Brighton Rock. X