Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Getting Started With Make-Up

I remember the very first make-up video i ever watched on YouTube. It was of course by the amazing Lauren Luke. Since watching that video, i have become addicted to make-up. Before the video, you would probably see me wearing a smudge of mascara and a little mousse foundation.

I've decided to do this post to show you all the kind of products i bought when i first started getting into make-up and what i have learnt along the way.

When i first started, everything was pretty much either from Superdrug, Avon or Boots. The higher end make-up began last summer once i knew exactly what kind of products worked best for me.

The Eye Shadow

For eye shadow, i remember seeing lots of video's of this 120 pan palette from eBay, and i figured it would be the perfect place to start. I really did learn a lot from this palette. As soon as i saw it was drawn to all the lovely bright blues and greens, so i tried out some different looks over the next couple of month, using different brushes and different techniques, until i finally decided the colours that suited me and my skin tone best were the more natural/neutral colours. If you are just beginning in make-up and aren't really sure where to tart with eye shadow BUY THIS PALETTE! I think i paid £2.99 for it and then £6.99 postage because it was from Hong Kong. Even if you only use it whilst you are learning, it's a lot better than buying an £11 mac eye shadow and finding out you really cannot pull off the colour!

Mascara's & Bases
When it comes to mascara, i really do think just about everyone starts out with Maybelline Great Lash because it is so iconic and i really do think Maybelline is an amazing brand for mascara. This one however really isn't all that good. I know most people buy it, but never repurchase because the brush is so small and the overall affect is very natural and daytime.

When it comes to bases, i didn't even know they existed until i joined the Beauty Community. I started out by just using a slight slick of vaseline or a little bit of concealer for the shadow to stick to, but then i bought UDPP and I've never looked back! If you want something a little more inexpensive to test out before you commit to an (£11?) bottle of primer i would suggest a cream eyeshadow, I'm currently using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.

Lip Products
It's sooo tempting to dive straight into the hot pinks and bright reds, but buy starting out with inexpensive lipsticks and lip glosses you can test out lots of different colours to see what really works for you. My 3 favourite brands for lipsticks are Barry M, NYX and Natural Collection. And then for lip gloss, the Barry M ones are well pigmented, smell lovely and only cost about £5!

Face Products
Now this is where it can get a little tricky. Finding your holy grail foundation can take years. I'm still not convinced i have found mine, but buy knowing my skin type, I'm able to buy ones that will benefit me in some way. I started out with Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid because i have enlarged pores and this is suppose to help. I can only really recommend paying attention to foundation adverts and reading/watching lots of review by people with the same or similar skin types as you.

Along with eye shadow bases, i also never knew about highlight and contour before i got involved with make-up online. To highlight i started out with the Collection 2000 Shimmer & Shade, which isn't the best product on the market but is a nice way to get used to highlighter and understand how they work.

I started my relationship with concealer in year 7. I remember i would apply it to any spots i had and then hardly blend the product out so it was basically caked on my face :( BAD TIMES! I think skin time is really important for concealer too because it will determine whether you should be using a more solid or liquid product. The product i have pictured is by Natural Collection and is what i still often use.

Blush. For most, blush is the most exciting part of applying make-up. It can completely lift and brighten the face but only if you get it right. To start out with i would recommend Boots 17 blushes. I still use them today and absolutely adore them!

I really do hope this post has helped any girls or boys who are just getting started with make-up and are a little unsure as to where to start and what they should be looking for. I think the key thing to remember is to just have a play around with cheap products, see what works best, and then maybe invest in some higher end ones if you are interested. Just remember to have fun with it, and if it all goes wrong do worry, make-up washes off!


  1. This is a great post.

    Even though I have been using makeup for years its always good to see what people tried, cheap alternatives and just info on products I might still get because I love trying new things!!

    I am thinking of getting the eyeshadow palette just for heck of it!! haha

  2. Great post! I started out with the Maybelline mascara too! and so have most of my friends.
    I totally agree with the primer/highlighter thing, totally never knew most of that until I joined the blogging community!
    I did, however, find my holy grail foundation a few years ago. I don't really wear foundation anymore but I still always go back to it when I need to :)

  3. This is such a great post! I agree with you about the primer/highlighter! I was bought Benefit 10 highlighter and bronzer but never used it because I didn't know what it was for. After discovering blogs I now realise how great these products are!


  4. i loved this post! Might have a go at this later, looks really fun xx

  5. totally jealous of your eyeshadow palette! <3

  6. Great posts :) That highlighter looks really nice. I still have yet to find a good highlighter for me :/