Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Little Haul :)

I know i usually wait until the end of the month to do a haul, but i thought i would share what i picked up on Saturday with you now :)

I got InStyle with the free nails inc. polish in Mink which i think is probably going to be used a lot within the next few weeks :)

I got St. Moriz which i know i am like 6 months late on this band waggon but i found a shop in my town that finally stocked it :) Even if it was £4.00 when loads of other people can get it for like £2.00 :P

And then i picked up a W7 blusher and bronzer box which is basically a big rip off of Benefit's 10 box. This only cost me like £4 so i am willing to give it a try before i go out and spend £23.50 on the benefit one! They also had a bronzer with like a leopard print pattern in it a lot like this Too Faced one which comes in the same size box and is also only £4. i think i might go back in a few days and pick that one up too :)

If the W7 blusher/bronzer turns out to be okay i would happily go and pick a few up if anyone was interested. I have been thinking about setting up a blog where i go out and buy cheap products like this and sell them because the shop i get this sort of stuff from is filled with discount make-up that i figured maybe some people are interested is :)

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  1. The W7 blusher/bronzer looks fab! There are no shops near me which stock this brand! xx