Sunday, 30 May 2010

What I Bought At The Car Boots :)

I love a good car boot on a sunday morning, so i went to two this week, and hopefully another one tomorrow because it's bank holiday :) Today I picked up:

  • A Cream Lamp Just to put next to my bed. I think I'm gonna get a new lamp shade for it though because the one it came with is a little dirty, but for £3 you can't complain :)
  • A Wooded Organiser This i thought would be nice to put some make-up in to keep it all separate. It was only 50p so i i don't end up using it, it wont be a huge disaster
  • A London A to Z Map Book So that next time i go i will know how to get to places :) This was only 50p too :)
  • Black Dorothy Perkins Shoes These are un-worn and were only £1. I thought they might be nice for school as they are a little more summery than my current ones
  • A Fathers Day Card My nan told me fathers day is coming up soon and the cards were only 25p so i thought i would be prepared and pick one up!
  • Avon Nail wear Pro Nail Polish in Perfectly Flesh These nail polishes are usually £6 which i hate paying, so when i saw this cute colour for £1 i had to get it :)
In the picture there are also three L'oreal eye shadows, which i didn't pick up from the car boot sales, but which were bough on the same day from The Factory Shop for £1.50 each. These are the colours I got:

(From L to R) 507 Luminous Plum, 502 Midnight Blue & 508 Amethyst Black

They had a few more colours that looked really nice so i might go back soon and pick them up. I think i will get most use out of these colours if i wear them as eye liners :)

What bargains have you bought recently?

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