Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Day out on Lincoln

Just as a warning before you start reading ... this post only mentions one make-up product and i didnt buy it for me so if you are only follow my blog for make-up, you might not like this :)

Today was a really good day :) The post man delivered my Waterstones delivery and my twilight book came (y) so far i've read 74 pages so it may take a while to get through :)

Then i went to Lincoln with my mum and dad and found my prom dress :) It's from warehouse because i really wanted a dress that i could wear again maybe for a family wedding or christening or something. I'm not going to post pictures of what it is becuase i want it to be a suprise for you so i will post pictures from the actual prom (July 11th).

The i went to waterstones and bought New Moon so i can read it as soon as i finish twilight as not have to wait for it to be delivered if i order it too late :)

And then the only make-up thing i got was for a friends birthday present and it was the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Julio which is like a glitterly clear kind of colour.

I'm saving my money at the minute for future Mac collections and a big splurge in Topshop (My Favourite Shop).

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