Saturday, 27 June 2009

Top 5 Shoes tag

i wasn't actually tagged to do this but i was watching Lucy's video and decided to give it a go

Starting from the back on the left we have:
  • a grey pair of pumps that i got from Topshop for £15. I bought these for work but i wear them all the time :)
  • next are some gladiator style heels that my mum got for me off a market stall for £2 :O and they had never been worn!! here is a close up picture ....

    I think they are alot like the ones carry wore in the sex and the city movie :)

then there is some black ankle boots that i got from primark for £15 and they have these like strap buckle things on then but they are actually velcro. the front half and the bit that goes up the foot is a different material from the rest of the shoe

  • Then these are my all time favourite shoes for the summer ... if you check out my last Lincoln hall you will see i got these in brown too. they look amazing with leggings :)
  • And last but not least are a pair of New Look flats that are cream all over except the front which is patent black and these two colours are separated by a black bow. i love them and got them on sale for £10. As you can probably tell from the colour of the soles, i wear them far tooo much :)

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  1. I love those little booties! we're just coming into winter here, they'd be perfect!