Thursday, 11 June 2009

Review: Revlon Pinch Me Gel Blush in 310

This is basically just a quick review on the Revlon Gel Blush which i bought the other week afteran exam because i felt like i deserved it :)

This is the first gel blush i'v ever used so the first time i applied it it looked awful. i kind of looked like this kid:
(Picture from google)

yer basically not a good look!! But then i tried again later that day using alot less product and it didn't look too bad :) it makes a reall nice primer to put a powder blush over. All in all i dont think i would re-purchase it but would recomend it to anyone who has dry skin and finds powder blushes don't really work for them.

Anyway, im off to Lifeboat training now so leave me lovely comments for when i get back please :)


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  1. lol at the little kid picture! I agree, you have to be so careful with gel blushes, it's really easy to over-apply! thanks for the review :)