Friday, 12 June 2009

Currently Reading: Queen of Babble Get's Hitched

I love this series of books :) Queen of Babble is written by Mag Cabot .... the same lady who wrote the Princess Diaries series (which i also loved and cried when i read the last book!! ... its that good)

I don't really want to give anything away with the plot of any of these books but if you are going on holiday this summer or want something easy to read in the bath i really would recommend these books :) In the picture you may notice the second book is covered in post-it notes Because before each chapter starts there a dress tips (because the main character is a wedding dress designer and its like she has written a book of tips) and i think they will all be really helpful for me to pick a prom dress ... they give tips on like sleeves & hems to suit different shapes, what you should have in your bag etc.

Also, if you like books you should go and get yourself one of the waterstones card that works in the same way as a boots advantage card. You get points for every pound you spend and then when you have enough points you can used them to buy other books :) i think this is really good for students or books lovers, and its free!

I really want to either read twilight by Stephenie Meyer or One Day by David Nicholl's next

What books are you reading at the minute??

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