Sunday, 21 June 2009

My Top 5 Lipglosses

Lipgloss is without a doubt my best friend :) but out of the many that i own these are the ones that i reach for the most often ... all for different reasons.

1. Now i know this lipgloss is my Maybelline but the writing on the tube has rubbed off so i have no idea what time of gloss it is. If anyone recognises it please let me know. I do know however that the colour is "Clearly Coral" It's a fabulous sheer peachy coral colour that i usually use over the top of my Barry M 101 lipstick because it warms it up and stops it looking like concealer .... i think i might cry when i use it all up :(

2. Avon Glazewear Extreme in Pink a Glow - The Avon Glazewear Extreme's are my favourite lipglosses .... there soo smooth to apply and not at all sticky. The colour's are quite sheer but very easy to build up and look really good over lipsticks :) If you have an Avon rep i really would recommend giving these a try ... let me know if you do :)

3. Dior Lip Maximizer - OMG!! IF YOU HAVE THIN LIPS (which i don't) THEN YOU NEED THIS GLOSS!! i've tried loads of different glosses in the past that claim their cooling effect will plump up your lips ... they lie!! But this one does not. It says to use it twice a day for 14 days for the perfect plumpness ... i used it for about 7 days and had to stop because the results were soo good!

4. E.L.F. hypershine Gloss in Fairy - smells soooo goood!! and for £1.50 it's a right bargain!! i bought this hoping that the packaging would make me not want tp spend like £15 on the lipgloss that Stila does which looks pretty much the same. The colour is really hard to describe but i think if you are putting in an order on E.L.F. these are defiantly worth a try ... just for the smell :)

5. Barry M Glossy Tube in 4 - LOVE LOVE LOVE!! this smells fabulous and this may sound weird but one the lipgloss has dried up you are still left with the glittery shimmer on your lips so it still looks like your wearing lipgloss when your not ... I really like the novelty but admit other's may not.

If anyone want's swatches of any of the products mentioned let me know and i'll get some posted!!

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