Friday, 26 June 2009

Lincoln Haul

So i went to Lincoln on Tuesday with my friend to pick up some prom decorations which took like and hour and 1/2 in one shop ... but after we were done we went into town and i picked up a few bits and pieces ... none of which was make-up :S i think i'm just going through a phase of being happy using what i have ... but i'm sure this will soon pass.

I buy Marie Claire every month (check out my magazine collection) and i was really happy that it came with a free book because I've recently really got into reading :)

I finished this last night at about 4am and CANNOT wait to get my hands on breaking dawn ... one of my friends already told me what happens but i don't mind knowing because i dont think it will ruin the book :)

I got this bracelet in primark for like £2.00 i think and i really like it :)

I've had these shoes in black for moths and ever since i got them i wished i'de picked up the brown ones too so when i was in primark i got them :) they were £4.00

I got these earrings for £1.50 from primark and am so glad i did because other wise i would have bought the ones from River Island that look the same but are £7.99

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